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Urban Age Conference Newspapers

LSE Cities' annual conferences bring together international and local expert essays on topical themes relating to 21st century urbanism.

Conference Newspapers 


Developing Urban Futures

The Urban Age turns its ‘reflexive lens’ to Africa after a series of international conferences that have allowed us to assess selected cities in hotspots of urban growth and change across the world.


Governing Urban Futures

The Urban Age returns to India after a series of international conferences that have allowed us to test the temperature of cities in hotspots of urban growth and change across the world. As Philipp Rode and Priya Shankar note in their introductory essay, it is the future of urban governance that now requires urgent attention.


City Transformations

Urban Age and Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society twelfth conference focuses on Rio de Janeiro, a city that is both investing and reflecting on the long-term impacts of transformation and intense urban change.


The Electric City

The Urban Age returns to London for its eleventh conference since 2005, focused on the challenges and responsibilities faced by cities in the digital age as climate change and economic pressures continue to define our everyday urban realities.


Hong Kong: Cities Health and Well-being

This conference newspaper features major new research on metropolitan health and well-being, as well as intra-urban analysis of health and social indicators in Hong Kong, and qualitative research with residents of four dense neighbourhoods, together with conference partners at the University of Hong Kong. 


Global Metro Summit Confrence Guide

The following conference guide is a summary of conference materials prepared by the Metropolitan Policy Program at The Brookings Institution and LSE Cities for the 2010 Global Metro Summit in Chicago. 

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Istanbul City of Intersection

Feature essays from local and international experts paired with extensive research on the social, economic and physical contours of Istanbul document and analyse the region’s major urban trends.


South American Cities: Securing an Urban Future

The eighth Urban Age conference addresses the social, economic and spatial conditions of urban South America through an interdisciplinary lens, focusing on the interconnected issues of security, mobility, climate change, governance, urban design and development in the continent's five largest metropolitan regions – São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Lima and Buenos Aires.


Urban India: Understanding the Maximum City

Feature essays from local and international experts paired with extensive research on the social, economic and physical contours of the four largest metropolitan regions in India – Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi – document and analyse the region’s major urban trends. 


Berlin: Towards an Urban Age

This sixth newspaper accompanied the Urban Age Summit in Berlin, and acted at once as a detailed look at the particularities of urbanism in Berlin, with a separate pull-out section, and as a global framing of the lessons from the first two-years of the Urban Age conference series.


Berlin: An Urban Experiment?

This supplement to the Berlin Urban Age conference newspaper profiles the German capital and investigates its potential as an alternative to the global city.

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German Cities: Success Beyond Growth?

Germany, after leading the world for so many years as an advanced industrial economy, is now offering the rest of Europe an accelerated insight into what life is going to be like with an ageing population, a falling birthrate, and a society in which too few active young people are prepared to carry the burden of social responsibily forced on them by demographics. 


Johannesburg: Challenges of Inclusion?

The Johannesburg newspaper features key local articles on Johannesburg as a global or world class city, the particularities of housing policy, and transportation as justice.


Mexico City: Growth at the Limit?

The Mexico City newspaper features key local articles on governance in the mega city, the informal economy, the particularities of small pocket public spaces, and transport congestion. The data section includes the evolution of the Metropolitan Area, and comparisons with London, New York and Shanghai. 


London: Europe's Global City?

The London newspaper includes expert essays on the core themes of the first six Urban Age conferences, asking questions about public space, transport, housing and labour in the city.


Shanghai: The Fastest City?

In the Shanghai conference newspaper, the focus turns to an engagement with fast changing spatial and social structures in public spaces, changes towards a more car oriented transport system, labour markets and innovation, and the step-change in terms of housing expectations and delivery for a fast-growing city. 


New York is Almost Alright?

The first Urban Age newspaper introduces the conference series aims and agenda through the introduction of New York. Key themes emerge on the role of work and the modern workplace, transport policy, housing policy for the middle class, and the changing nature of public space.