Urban Age Programme publishes Localising Transport Debate Summary



Over 450 people from around the world – from Brazil to Finland, from Kenya to Thailand – attended the Urban Age Debate: Localising Transport on 20 May 2021 organised with the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft with support from SAP and knowledge partner Teralytics. This new summary of the debate identifies five key takeaways:

Key Takeaway 1: Over the next decade, mobility and urban transport will change dramatically, ‘For the first time in half a century’ (Edward Glaeser) 

Key Takeaway 2: The 15-minute city is not a catch-all model that can be applied globally with ease, but it’s underlying concepts should be embraced

Key Takeaway 3: Accessibility of cities for various opportunities remains of utmost importance, especially in rapidly urbanising global contexts  

Key Takeaway 4: Public transportation networks must adapt to uncertain financial conditions as, ‘Mobility creates economic value and wealth’ (Sir Peter Hendy)

Key Takeaway 5: Urban residents will increasingly commute for leisure and social connection rather than work 

Read the the full debate summary here.

Watch a recording of the debate here.