'Uncertainty Quantification, Risk and Decision' Workshop

22-23 May 2012 

This workshop brought together experts from various disciplines covering different aspects of uncertainty quantification. It focused mainly on the following three topics: the characterisation of uncertainty, the design of experiments and decision-making under uncertainty. You can see a review of the workshop here.

Programme: Programme for the 'Uncertainty Quantification, Risk and Decision' workshop


Session 1: Characterising uncertainty (Chair Leonard Smith)

Nick Watkins (British Antarctic Survey): 'Five ways to misestimate risk'

Jochen Bröcker (Max-Planck-Institute) How to interpret probabilistic forecasts (in particular for weather and climate)

Jim Baker (William J. Clinton Foundation): 'Uncertainty and REDD: Characterising Forest Carbon'


Session 2: Experimental design & robustness (Chairs: Pauline Barrieu & Henry Wynn)

Henry Wynn (LSE): ‘Robustness and experimental design’

Ron Bates (Rolls Royce): ‘Uncertainty Management in a complex engineering environment’

Jordan Ko (DAE programme, Newton Institute): 'UQ in computer experiments with polynomial chaos'


Session 3: Decision-Making under Uncertainty (Chair: Roman Frigg)   

Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné (HEC Montréal) 'Economic policy when models disagree'

Massimo Marinacci (Bocconi University) 'Robust mean-variance analysis'