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Our School

Reaching net-zero carbon and reducing our direct environmental impacts

We want to lead by example when it comes to addressing our own environmental footprint. We are working to reduce our carbon emissions and environmental impacts, aiming to achieve net-zero emissions and impacts for LSE’s direct operations.

Theme lead

Julian Robinson, Director of Estates

Julian Robinson introduces the key theme, our school Julian Robinson introduces the key theme, our school
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Become net-zero carbon

We will adopt a challenging carbon reduction pathway and reach net-zero carbon emissions across all of our activities as soon as possible and no later than 2050. 


Work towards a ‘Zero Impacts’ campus

We will thrive to be a hub of environmental good practice in the higher education sector, actively minimising all the environmental impacts of our estate and operations.


Build a sustainable LSE collaboratively

We will progress the sustainability agenda in close collaboration with the LSE community, and other institutions in the higher education sector and beyond.


Examples of supporting initiatives:

  • Set new challenging carbon reduction targets based on climate science.

  • As an interim measure, fund carbon reduction projects to mitigate the emissions we cannot immediately reduce.

  • Continue investing in energy efficiency measures, to make our existing building stock as efficient as possible.

  • Conduct sustainability impact assessments as part of LSE’s decision-making process.

  • Offer opportunities for staff and students to get further involved (e.g. Green Impact, Sustainable Projects Fund).

  • Actively benchmark our performance against peers.

  • Our approaches to Technology and Procurement will embrace sustainability principles.

  • Promote the work of the Sustainability Team and provide clear ways for others to engage and support:

    o Make information and data on our environmental work and performance openly available. 

    o Host interactive sustainability events on a regular basis open to all staff and students.

    o Strengthen collaborations with student bodies including the Students' Union and student societies.