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Embedding sustainability across our teaching and learning experiences

In line with LSE 2030 Priority 1: Educate for Impact, we will equip LSE graduates with the knowledge, understanding, critical thinking and skills needed to become citizens and leaders, empowering them to address the future challenges of society and make a positive impact in the world.

Theme lead:

Professor Emma McCoy, Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education)

Professor Dilly Fung introduces the Education theme Professor Dilly Fung introduces the Education theme
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Build on our existing offer

We will strengthen and promote existing courses and learning pathways which can provide students with a fuller understanding of the environmental and social dimensions of sustainability.


Connect across disciplines

We will embed environmental sustainability into the LSE curriculum, promoting interdisciplinary activities and solutions.


Foster collaboration

We will create new collaborations among key stakeholders within and beyond the School, with a particular emphasis on working in partnership with students and LSE Students' Union to respond to and promote the sustainability agenda.


Examples of supporting initiatives:

For students

  • Identify and promote areas of the curriculum which include the relation between the subject and environmental sustainability, highlighting these clearly to students, for instance using green tags.

  • Enhance opportunities for all students to engage with sustainability themes and develop a range of sustainability-related skills (e.g. through LSE100, LSE Groups, LSE Life, LSE Careers, LSE Generate, LSE Student Futures).
  • Consolidate and promote information about informal curriculum learning and associated funding (e.g. through LSE Student Futures, LSE Change Makers, Living Labs - Sustainability Projects Fund, LSE Careers, LSE Volunteers) to encourage ease of access and take-up.
  • Create opportunities for students to connect with employers and alumni to explore new and emerging career pathways.
  • Empower students to showcase publicly their sustainability-related learning and perspectives, whether these have been acquired through the formal curriculum or through wider developmental opportunities (e.g. LSE 2030 Showcase portfolio initiative / LSE Houghton St Press).

For staff

  • Provide educators with the tools, resources and skills needed to embed sustainability across disciplines (Eden Centre, Eden Digital, Library, Atlas programme, EAUC resources, webinars).

  • Support proactively the creation of new multidisciplinary courses, as part of wider School curriculum development.

  • Showcase and reward innovative teaching and learning practices (e.g. Annual Celebration of Sustainability, Education Forum on sustainability, Sustainability and Social Sciences Symposium, LSE Festival Events, Green Leaf Research Showcase).

  • Utilise current student surveys by adding selective questions on sustainability to inform future provision.