Delivering LSE 2030

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Achieving our strategic priorities has taken different forms, from smaller, every-day decisions to coordinated efforts towards delivering major initiatives. These have mobilised energies across the School, continuing the collaborative approach that formed the basis of the strategy development process.

Based on our guiding principles, Excellence built from diversity and inclusion, Global impact and reach and Ensuring a sustainable future, LSE 2030 is articulated into three main priorities, addressing our position in the world as educators, researchers and employers.– Under each of these priorities– ‘Educate for Impact’, ‘Research for the World’ and ‘Develop LSE for Everyone’ – lie many School-wide workstreams: you can read the portfolio here to check on the substantial progress to date.

Despite the additional challenges posed by the pandemic, some of the initiatives have already been completed and have now been absorbed into the normal business of the School, whilst work continues apace on other.