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Newsletters and booklets for offer holders - 2016 entry

As soon as you receive your offer, please read through your Offer Pack carefully, as it details all the necessary steps you must take to join us on time. A copy will be sent to you by post, and you can always access the PDF version on this page. Remember to check any updates to the Offer Pack.

Our monthly offer holder newsletters will keep you on track, and provide the answers to common questions at each stage of the cycle. Please find the full archive of 2015/6 newsletters below:

EU Referendum

LSE would like to reassure EU students who are currently registered at the School or who register in 2016/7 that our intention is to continue to charge the home rate for tuition fees for all subsequent years of their programme.

No decision has yet been made for EU students starting in 2017/8. We will publish an update as soon as possible after the referendum. 

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Offer pack  [PDF]                                                     


 Funding and financial support [PDF]


Finding Accommodation [PDF]


 Meeting conditions [PDF]

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Double Degree January - April [PDF]


 Careers [PDF]


Submitting documents and Life at LSE [PDF]


Visa Special [PDF]


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Double Degree May - September [PDF]


 The LSE Library [PDF]

 Referendum box

EU Referendum Update [PDF]


 Course choice [PDF]


Registration and Welcome Week [PDF]

Advice for students with Tier 4 Visas [PDF]


Last checks before your arrival (Unregistered students) [PDF]

Your first week (Registered students) [PDF]