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How to contact us
Full information on how to contact us is given on our Getting in touch| page.

Current processing dates

Last updated:  22 September 2014, 09:23

Our opening hours are 9.30 - 17.15 (check the time in London now|)

This page shows the graduate admissions office processing times for incoming applications, emails and documents. It is updated at least once a day during the week.  We can only confirm the receipt of documents as they are processed. We cannot confirm receipt of documents waiting to be processed in the queue. See our guide to how we process your documents |for more details.

If you have confirmation from a courier that your package was successfully delivered to our post room on a particular date please add at least one working day to allow the package to be delivered to our office, add three days if your item was delivered on a Friday. For further information see our guide to the the decision making process|.

When will I receive my Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)?

We aim to issue CASs within 5 working days of you receiving the email confirming that your offer has been made unconditional.

In order to receive a CAS, you also need to have accepted your offer and submitted your Financial Undertaking Form, both of which can be done via the LSE For You portal.

Please note that it is not possible to accelerate this process in individual cases - we are working as fast as we can to process all CASs, but this is the peak of our receiving results from universities so demand is extremely high. You should not book your visa appointment nor make any travel plans until you receive your CAS.

Please do not contact us to ask about your CAS before 5 working days have elapsed. This just slows down the process by diverting staff from processing work.

We are currently processing applications received on and including

To get a rough idea of when your application will be processed please make a note of the date when you received the 3rd acknowledgement email with the subject heading LSE - Thank you for submitting your application sent to you from  messages@notification.embark.com | Then check this site regularly to see which date we are processing applications from (add 2-3 working days if you submitted on a Friday or at the weekend, these applications will be received the following Monday) Once your application has been processed you will receive the final email and be given your unique LSE ID number with instructions on how you can open your LSE for You account to track your application online|.

22 September

We are currently processing online references submitted via the EMBARK system received on and including

20 September

We are currently processing supporting documents (this includes degree, TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT results, transcripts, references and other miscellaneous items) received by post, fax and online| received on and including:

 20 September

We are currently processing Enquiries/emails and 'How Do I'| forms received on and including:

19 September