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Tracking your application

We aim to keep you fully informed of the progress of your application. All applicants will be given access to our Graduate Application Tracker via LSE for You. This online facility reflects the personal details held in our database, and the up-to-date status of your application. Any changes to your application status will be posted immediately on the tracker, so we strongly suggest that you check it as frequently as you can.

When will I be given access to LSE for You and the Graduate Application Tracker?

Before you can use the Graduate Application Tracker for the first time you will need to set up your account. This should take no more than a few minutes.

Within 10 working days of submitting your application you will be sent an acknowledgment email which summarises the status of your application. If you applied online this will be the fourth email that you have received, and if you applied on paper this will be the first email received. This email will contain information regarding how to “TRACK YOUR APPLICATION using LSE for You”.

If you are applying to LSE for the first time the email will contain a unique URL. You should use this link and follow the instructions displayed to set-up your account. This URL will expire after approximately four weeks (the exact date is in the acknowledgement email).

If you are an existing LSE student or an LSE Alumni you should already have an LSE for You account, and your username will be included in our acknowledgement email. When you next login, you will have access to the Graduate Application Tracker.

If you were a previous LSE Graduate Offer Holder who did not register but previously activated an LSE for You account your previous username will be included in our acknowledgement email.

Graduate Application Tracker User Guide|

Further information on how to use the tracker as both applicant and offer holder, as well as troubleshooting advice, can be found in the above guide.