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How we process your documents

All documents are processed (checked by a member of the Graduate Admissions team and added to your file) in the order that they are received in our office. We aim to process documents within 5-10 working days of their arrival, but this is not always possible during busy periods. We will email you as soon as we process your documents and add them to your application, unfortunately we cannot contact you to inform you that your documents have arrived until they have been processed. You should therefore check our current processing times for the most up to date information on processing delays before contacting us or sending duplicate documents.

Please try to make sure that all of your documents bear your name as it appears on your application form (shown in your initial email from us) and that any future correspondence bears your application number. You can get an instant update on your application status, including what documents we have processed, by logging on to the Graduate Admissions Web Tracking System.

The Graduate Admissions office will contact you by email at every stage of the application process and if any further information is required. If you are successful, you will be informed by email and in your official letter whether we require you to submit any more official documentation or fulfil any conditions.

How we process your documents - a pictorial guide

1. Delivery and sorting


The LSE central post room staff sort through all incoming post and deliver post for the Graduate Admissions Office to the office twice a day. At busy times of year we may receive more than a hundred separate envelopes each day. 

It usually takes one working day from the time your item is received in the central post room for it to reach the Graduate Admissions Office. Items arriving on Friday will be delivered to us on Monday.

The length of time it takes for items to be delivered to the post room will vary depending on where they were sent from and the type of delivery service you use. Please check with your postal service to estimate delivery times.

2. Items are queued


 We open and date stamp the post. All documents, including attachments submitted online using the new information form, join the queue waiting to be checked, and are processed in order.

Unfortunately we are not able to confirm receipt of items yet because they have not been processed and so are not logged against any applicant ID number. It is likely to take 5-10 working days to reach the next stage during busy periods of the year, typically January - February and the weeks following the Easter vacation. At less busy times the process is quicker.

To find out when we are processing items from please check our current processing times.

3. We check each item


The Graduate Admissions Team then process everything received in date order, making sure each item is checked before it is added to your application.

The checking process involves identifying the applicant's full name/ID number on the document and searching through our database for the matching application. If details do not match any of our current year's applications the document is filed by surname in a separate filing system and logged in a separate database. We also check that the item is genuine, legible and fits the description of what we are looking for.

To find out when we are processing items from please check our current processing times.

4. We email you


Once the item has been checked we will send you an acknowledgement email. If your application becomes complete it will be sent to the relevant department for consideration. If documents are still outstanding will hold your application until the outstanding items are received. The email notification will tell you the current status of your application, and you can also use the online status tracker to see which documents we have received and the current position of your application.

If you hold an offer we will notify you if your items meet our requirements or if we need further information. Confirmation of Offer Reply Forms and Financial Undertaking Forms will visible on your application tracker; receipt of these will not be confirmed via email.