Index of Courses

Sociology courses for current students

This is a list of courses offered by the Department of Sociology in the academic year 2019-20. 

Please follow links below for information about each course.

Courses offered by the Department of Sociology are prefixed by 'SO', e.g. SO100 Social Theory. 

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NB: Half Unit courses run for one term only (either Michaelmas Term, in the autumn, or Lent Term, in the spring).

Undergraduate courses

Graduate courses

MSc students

SO407 - Politics and Society (One Unit)

SO424 - Approaches to Human Rights (One Unit)

SO425 - Regulation, Risk and Economic Life (One Unit)

SO427 - Modern Social Thought (Half Unit - Lent Term)

SO430 - Economic Sociology (Half Unit - Lent Term)

SO434 - Cultural Theory and Cultural Forms (One Unit)

SO448 - City Design Studio (One Unit)

SO449 - Independent Project - MSc CDSC Dissertation Course (One Unit)

SO451 - Cities by Design (Half Unit - Michaelmas Term)

SO457 - Political Reconciliation (Half Unit - Michaelmas Term)

SO465 - City-Making: the Politics of Urban Form (Half Unit - Lent Term)

SO468 - International Migration (Half Unit - Michaelmas Term)

SO470 - The Sociology of Markets (Half Unit - Lent Term)

SO471 - Technology, Culture and Power (Half Unit - Michaelmas Term)

SO473 - Crime Control and the City (Half Unit - Lent Term)

SO475 - Materia Culture and Design (Half Unit - Michaelmas Term)

SO476 - Researching Migration - MSc IMPP Dissertation Course (One Unit)

SO477 - Urban Social Theory (Half Unit - Michaelmas Term)

SO478 - Social Scientific Analysis of Inequalities (One Unit)

SO479 - Human Rights and Postcolonial Theory (Half Unit - Michaelmas Term)

SO480 - Urban Inequalities (Half Unit - Lent Term)

SO481 - Class, Politics and Culture (Half Unit - Lent Term)

SO490 - Contemporary Social Thought (Half Unit - Michaelmas Term)

SO491 - Quantitative Social Research Methods (Half Unit - Michaelmas Term)

SO492 - Qualitative Social Research Methods (Half Unit - Michaelmas Term)

SO493 - MSc in Culture and Society Dissertation (One Unit)

SO494 - MSc in Political Sociology Dissertation (One Unit)

SO495 - MSc in Economy, Risk and Society Dissertation (One Unit)

SO496 - MSc in Human Rights Dissertation (One Unit)

SO497 - MSc in Social Inequalities Dissertation (One Unit)

SO499 - MSc in Sociology Dissertation (One Unit)

SO4A9 - White Screens/Black Images: The Sociology of Black Cinema (Half Unit - Lent Term)

SO4B1 - Contemporary Politics of Human Rights (One Unit)

SO4B2 - MSc in Human Rights and Politics Dissertation (One Unit)

SO4B3 - The Sociology of Human Rights Practice (Half Unit - Lent Term)

SO4B4 - The New Reproductive Sociology (Half Unit - Lent Term)

SO4B5 - The Anticolonial Archive: The Sociology of Empire and its Afterlives (Half Unit - Lent Term)

SO4B6 - Nature and Technology: More than Human Sociology (Half Unit - Lent Term)

MPhil/PhD students

SO500 - Aims and Methods Research Class for MPhil Students

SO501 - Data Analysis Workshop

SO511 - Research Seminar in Political Sociology

SO521 - Research Seminar on Cities and Space