Graduate course guides 2024/25

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AC412 Accountability, Organisations and Risk Management

AC444 Valuation and Security Analysis

AC470 Accounting in the Global Economy


AN485 Mind and Society

AN488 Gender, Sexuality and Kinship

AN489 Anthropology of the Body

AN490 Anthropology and Religion

AN495 Digital Anthropology

AN4A1 Understanding Religion in the Contemporary World


DV411 Population, Development and Environment: an Analytical Approach

DV465 Labour, Social Services and Development


FM402 Financial Risk Analysis

FM403 Management and Regulation of Risk

FM412 Quantitative Security Analysis

FM413 Fixed Income Markets

FM431A Corporate Finance A

FM431W Corporate Finance A

FM439 Asset Markets for MSc Risk and Finance

FM441 Derivatives

FM445 Portfolio Management

FM471 Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing

FM476 Entrepreneurial Finance

FM477 International Finance A

FM479 Principles of Corporate Finance for MSc Law and Finance

FM480 Corporate Transactions: Finance


GI409 Conceptual Foundations in Gender, Development and Globalization

GI415 Gender and Welfare Regimes: Developments and Change

GI417 Feminist Population Politics

GI420 Transnational Feminist Development Agendas

GI427 Advanced Issues in Gender, Peace and Security


GV439 Government and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe

GV454 Parties, Elections and Governments

GV4B9 The Second Europe

GV4J4 Citizen Representation and Democracy in the European Union

GV4J6 Game Theory for Research


GY420 Environmental Regulation: Implementing Policy

GY455 Economic Appraisal and Valuation

GY462 Real Estate Finance

GY465 Concepts in Environmental Regulation

GY475 Issues in Environmental Governance


HP437 Health equity, climate change and the common good


HY4C1 Fighting and Enduring the Great War


IR416 The EU in the World

IR434 European Defence and Security


LL468 European Human Rights Law

LL4BF International Financial Regulation

LL4BG Rethinking EU Law

LL4BH Law and Government of the European Union

LL4BK Corporate Crime

LL4BL Financial Crime

LL4FA Corporate Finance: Law

LL4FB Corporate Transactions: Law


MG463 CEMS Global Leadership

MG464 CEMS Global Business Strategy

MG482 Innovation and Technology Management

MG492 Data Governance: Privacy, Openness and Transparency

MG4B9 The World Trading System

MG4F5 Business in the Global Environment

MG4H8E Social Entrepreneurship in Context

MG4J4 MiM Capstone Course - International Management in Action

MG4PA People Analytics and Technology


MY400 Fundamentals of Social Science Research Design

MY421A Qualitative Research Methods

MY421W Qualitative Research Methods

MY425 Case Studies and Comparative Methods for Qualitative Research

MY428 Qualitative Text and Discourse Analysis

MY451A Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

MY451W Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

MY452A Applied Regression Analysis

MY452W Applied Regression Analysis

MY457 Causal Inference for Observational and Experimental Studies


PH425 Business and Organisational Ethics


PP409E Public Policy in Practice Workshop II (EMPA)

PP410 Public Economics for Public Policy

PP414 Policy-Making: Process, Challenges and Outcomes

PP418 Globalisation and Economic Policy

PP419 Advanced Empirical Methods for Policy Analysis

PP448 International Political Economy and Development

PP449 Comparative Political Economy and Development

PP452 Applying Behavioural Economics for Social Impact: Design, Delivery, Evaluation and Policy

PP454 Development Economics

PP4G8E Introduction to Public Policy (EMPA)

PP4G9E Public Policy in Practice Workshop I (EMPA)

PP4J1E Introduction to Public Policy (EMPP)

PP4J2 New Institutions of Public Policy: Strategic Philanthropy, Impact Investment and Social Enterprise

PP4J2E Public Policy in Practice Workshop I (EMPP)

PP4J3E Public Policy in Practice Workshop II (EMPP)

PP4X6 Welfare Analysis and Measurement


SO4C9 Risk Governance

SO4D1 Economic Sociology


SP444 Educational Inequality in the Global South

SP473 Policing, Security and Globalisation

SP477 Crime, Justice, & Social Policy

SP478 Special Issues in Criminology & Criminal Justice


ST409 Stochastic Processes

ST458 Financial Statistics II