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 Who's who at LSE Sociology

Academic staff

Fabien Accominotti new_cropped 200x200

Accominotti, Fabien (Dr)
Assistant Professor in Sociology
Room STC S206
020 7955 7523

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Suki Ali

Ali, Suki (Dr)
Associate Professor in Sociology
Room STC S307
020 7852 3781

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Robin Archer

Archer, Robin (Dr)
Associate Professor (Reader) in Political Sociology
Room STC S114a
020 7955 7944 

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Tina Basi

Basi, Tina (Dr)
Guest Teacher
Room STC S217

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Chetan Bhatt

Bhatt, Chetan (Professor)
Director of LSE Human Rights
Room STC S107
020 7955 6262 

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Ricky Burdett

Burdett, Ricky (Professor)
Professor of Urban Studies, Director of LSE Cities and Urban Age
Room TW2 8.01J
020 7955 7706

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LSE Cities

Ayca Cubukcu

Çubukçu, Ayça (Dr)
Assistant Professor in Human Rights
Room STC S113
020 7955 6787

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Antonia Dawes new_cropped 200x200

Dawes, Antonia (Dr)
BJS LSE Fellow
Room STC S218

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Nigel Dodd

Dodd, Nigel (Professor)
Professor of Sociology, Head of Department
Room STC S106
020 7955 7571

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Rebecca Elliott

Elliott, Rebecca (Dr)
Assistant Professor
Room STC S211
020 7955 6951

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Janet Foster

Foster, Janet (Dr)
Associate Professor in Sociology

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Sam Friedman

Friedman, Sam (Dr)
Associate Professor in Sociology
Room STC S216
020 7955 6969

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Carrie Friese

Friese, Carrie (Dr)
Associate Professor in Sociology
Room STC S213
020 7955 7984

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Ioanna Gouseti

Gouseti, Ioanna (Dr)
Course Tutor
Room STC S105a
020 7107 5560

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Hall, Suzanne (Dr)
Associate Professor in Sociology, Director of the Cities Programme
Room STC S212
020 7955 7056

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Cities Programme

Ursula Henz

Henz, Ursula (Dr)
Associate Professor in Social Research Methods
Room STC 100B
020 7955 6139 

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Bridget Hutter

Hutter, Bridget (Professor)
Chair of Risk Regulation at LSE
Room STC S119E
020 7955 7287

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Martina Klett-Davies_ cropped 200x200

Klett-Davies, Martina (Dr)
Course Tutor
Room STC S105

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Monika Krause

Krause, Monika (Dr)
Assistant Professor
Room STC S207

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Female silhouette

Lloyd-Bostock, Sally (Professor)
Visiting Professor
Room STC S115  

David Madden

Madden, David (Dr)
Assistant Professor in Sociology
Room STC S209
020 7955 6593

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Pat McGovern

McGovern, Patrick (Dr)
Associate Professor (Reader) in Sociology
Room STC S313
020 7955 6653

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Michael McQuarrie

McQuarrie, Michael (Dr)
Associate Professor in Sociology
Room STC S217a
020 7955 7373

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Claire Moon2

Moon, Claire (Dr)
Associate Professor in Human Rights
On research leave from January 2018 - October 2019
STC S109
020 7955 7006

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Liene Ozolina Fitzgerald

Ozoliņa-Fitzgerald, Liene (Dr)
Course Tutor
Room STC S104
020 7107 5007

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Ian Patel new_cropped

Patel, Ian (Dr)
BJS LSE Fellow
Room STC S114

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Mike Savage

Savage, Mike (Professor)
Martin White Professor of Sociology
Room STC S210
020 7955 6578

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Don Slater

Slater, Don (Dr)
Associate Professor (Reader) in Sociology
Room STC S310
020 7849 4653

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Charis Thompson

Thompson, Charis (Professor)
Professor of Sociology
Room STC S214

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Fran Tonkiss colour_cropped 200x200

Tonkiss, Fran (Professor)
Professor of Sociology, Deputy Head of Department
Room STC S205
020 7955 6601

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Cities Programme

Judy Wajcman 2016

Wajcman, Judy (Professor)
Anthony Giddens Professor of Sociology
On leave academic year 2017-18
Room STC S203

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LSE Experts  

Leon Wansleben

Wansleben, Leon (Dr)
Assistant Professor in Sociology
Room STC S208
020 7955 6793

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Badcock, Christopher (Dr)

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Barker Eileen (Professor) OBE, FBA
Room STC S115

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LSE Experts


Giddens, Anthony (Professor Lord)

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Female silhouette

Heidensohn, Frances (Professor)
Visiting Professor
Mannheim Centre for Criminology
Room STC S115


Husbands, Christopher (Reader)

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LSE Experts


Rock, Paul (Professor)
Room STC S115

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LSE Experts 

Skaire 2.png

Sklair, Leslie (Professor)
Room STC S115

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LSE Experts

Professional services staff

Kalynka Bellman

Bellman, Kalynka 
MPhil/PhD Programme Manager
Room STC S103
020 7955 7708 

Nishanth Dharmaseelan

Dharmaseelan, Nishanth
Service Delivery Administrator
Room STC S119B
020 7107 5029

Heidi El Megrisi

El-Megrisi, Heidi Elfriede
LSE Human Rights Manager
Room STC S110
020 7955 6428 

Louise Fisher

Fisher, Louise 
Department Manager
Room STC 119D
020 7955 7305 

Emma Glassey

Glassey, Emma
Communications and Events Officer
Room STC S116
020 7852 3719

Anna Johnston

Johnston, Anna Livia
Knowledge Exchange and Impact Officer
Room STC S119A
020 7955 6828

Female silhouette

Khan, Shakila
MSc Programme Manager: Human Rights; Economy, Risk and Society; Political Sociology
Room STC S116
020 7955 7288

Kylie Lawrence_cropped 200x200

Lawrence, Kylie
MSc Programme Manager: Cities Design and Social Science; Culture and Society; Sociology streams; International Migration and Public Policy
Room STC S116 
020 7107 5112

Louisa Lawrence

Lawrence, Louisa
Service Delivery Manager for Operations
Room STC S119C
020 7849 4938

Clara Lyons

Lyons, Clara
Undergraduate Programme Manager
Room STC S116
020 7106 1426

Louise M

Millar, Louise
Student Information and Taught Programmes Officer
Room STC S116
020 7955 7309

Research students

Al-Maadeed, Eman
Qatari Women’s practices, mobilities and free spaces in London

Amini, Babak 
A comparative study of workers’ control (1917-1921)

Baliga, Anitra
Making space for change: negotiating Mumbai’s urban land market

Beecham, Nell
A Suitable Match: A study of Cultural Production in Silicon Valley 

Concha Mendez, Paz Maria Eduarda
The Curation of the Street Food Scene in London

De Coss Corzo, Julio Alejandro
Making urban waters: state, nature, citizenship and expertise in the infrastructural politics of water production and valuation in Mexico City (1941-2016)

Fercovic Cerda, Malik
Becoming elites? The experience of long-range upward mobility in contemporary Chile

Gokmenoglu, Birgan
Social movements and political parties in Turkey

Gray, Selena
Sexually Exploited By My Boyfriend's Gang?

Hayes, Niamh
Trouble Seeing: Researching the production of visual knowledge and racial knowledge in ‘new’ and ‘old’ archive

Hecht, Katharina
A sociological analysis of economic inequality at the top end of the income distribution

James, Daniel
Modernity’s Empty Graveyard: A Study of Argentina’s Parque de la Memoria

Javed, Umair
Profit, Power, and Patronage: Bazaar Politics in Urban Pakistan

Kolbe, Kristina
Between diversity and elitism – Researching the sociocultural implications of contemporary cultural production

Kramer, Maria
Making “Healthy Families”: Kin Marriage and Genetic Risk in Contemporary Turkey

Li, Gordon
Stratification of Music Taste in Urban China

Lietaud, Marion
Gendering Mixedness: a quantitative approach to inequalities in transnational families

Littlejohn, Naomi Maya
Post-16 Engagement and Achievement in inner-City London

Loup, Sophie
How organisations change the concept of international development: a comparison of consultancies and non-profit organisations in the UK

Mallett, Victoria
Informal Nominating Networks in American Local Elections

Matczak, Anna
Understandings of punishment and justice in the narratives of lay Polish people

McArthur, Daniel 
Inequality, economic position, and stigmatising stereotypes about people in poverty 

Naamneh, Haneen
Law and sociology in post-1967 Jerusalem

Osborne-Carey, Cassian
Sharing and the Digital Public Sphere: A critical analysis of political practice on Facebook

Rong, A
Green Defenders in China: A ‘Better’ Society? A Research on Chinese Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations

Sloane, Mona
Ethnography of Spatial Design Practice

Thornbury, Paul
The Social Construction of Boundaries in Military Private Security

Traill, Helen 
Community as idea and practice: tensions and consequences for urban community growing projects in Glasgow 

Tsang, Ling Tung
Lost in the Shadow: Investigating Racial Identities, Performativity and Ideologies of the Chinese Sporting Body

Upton-Hansen, Christopher Hover 
The Financialization of the Art Market

Vogkli, Maria-Christina
The Homeless City: Urban Space and Vulnerability in Athens and London (working title) 

Wall, Ed
PhD / Public space, master plans, daily routines, London

Wang, Yan
Welfare Delivery and State Legitimacy

Yang, Ka Ho
Dreaming of Nowhere: Class Identities and Place Belonging in Public Housing Estate in Hong Kong

Academic visitors

Bordonaro, Elettra (Dr)
Visiting Fellow

Miriam Glucksmann (Professor)
Visiting Professor

Rozlyn Redd (Dr)
Visiting Fellow