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We host a range of events, from large public lectures to smaller seminars, across a broad spectrum of topics relating to social policy. Unless otherwise stated, our events are free and open to all.


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Return Migration, Crime and Electoral Participation in Mexico

Department of Social Policy and III seminar series on Migration Ethnicity and Race

16th October, 1 to 2pm, CBG 11.13

Speakers: Dr Christian Ambrosius (Freie Universität Berlin & UNAM) and Dr Covadonga Meseguer (LSE & ICADE)

Since 2006, the Great Recession and tighter migration policies in the U.S. increased the rates of return migration to Mexico. Scholars debate whether high rates of return motivate greater electoral engagement via the democratic norms returnees may bring back with them. Read more here.

The seminars are open to staff and students from across the LSE. 



Collaborative ethnography and its limitations: Researching young migrants in London

Department of Social Policy seminar series on International Social and Public Policy

30th October, 2.00pm-3.30pm, OLD 2.26 (Webb room)

Speaker: Vanessa Hughes (Department of Social Policy, LSE)

This seminar considers some challenged of researching the lives of young people in London who are globally mobile, illegalised by the state and subjected to state surveillance. Read more here.

The seminars are open to staff and students from across the LSE. 



Beyond the Borders of the Welfare State: Civil Society Responses to the Migration Crisis in Greece

Department of Social Policy and III seminar series on Migration Ethnicity and Race

13th November, 1 to 2pm, FAW 9.05

Speaker: Dr Isabel Shutes (Department of Social Policy, LSE)

The presentation draws on research carried out with Armine Ishkanian on civil society responses to the migration crisis in Greece. It forms one of two papers based on this research (the other will be presented in this seminar series in Lent Term). 
Read more here.

The seminars are open to staff and students from across the LSE.



Britain and the Welfare State in the 21st Century: a more or less "irresponsible society"?

Public Event

Thursday 14 November 2019, 6.30pm-8.00pm
Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House

In November 1959, Richard Titmuss, Head of the then Department of Social Science and Administration (now Social Policy) at LSE, gave a lecture on ‘The Irresponsible Society’.  In it he pointed to the features of Britain in the late 1950s that added up to irresponsibility: the power of unaccountable financial interests; the way ‘welfare for the better-off’ undermined social security; the view of education simply as economic investment; irresponsible newspapers; and the tolerance of inequality. Sixty years on from the lecture John Hills, Richard Titmuss Professor of Social Policy at LSE will discuss how we might judge today’s society by similar – and new – criteria.

Speaker: Professor John Hills
Discussants: Dr Sonia Exley, Professor Howard Glennerster

Chair: Professor Anne West

This event is free and open to all with no ticket or pre-registration required. Entry is on a first come, first served basis.

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Precarious Refuge: Ethnonationalism and the Politics of Housing Refugees

Department of Social Policy and III seminar series on Migration Ethnicity and Race

27th November, 1 to 2pm, CBG 11.13

Dr Romola Sanyal (Urban Geography, LSE)

The idea of refuge is an inherently geographical one- a shelter from danger or distress, a place of protection. It is also imbued with a certain temporality- the expectation that such shelter will be temporary and those who seek it will eventually leave. Such assumptions carry into contemporary approaches and attitudes towards displaced persons. Read more here.

The seminars are open to staff and students from across the LSE.



Role Playing Racism: History Teaching and the Limits of Experiential Learning

Department of Social Policy and III seminar series on Migration Ethnicity and Race

11th December, 1 to 2pm, CBG 11.13

Speaker: Dr Chana Teeger (Assistant Professor in the Department of Methodology)

This paper points to the limits of experiential learning when dealing with issues of racism and discrimination. Drawing on fieldwork conducted in a racially diverse South African high school, I document how teachers employed simulations and role playing exercises to teach about apartheid. Read more here.

The seminars are open to staff and students from across the LSE.




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OXO Gallery image- escalator

Exhibition: How Social Policy Research Shapes the World You Live In

Hosted by the Department of Social Policy

Thursday 10 January - Sunday 20 January 2019

gallery@oxo, OXO Tower Wharf

This comparative and contemporary exhibition showcased Social Policy research responding to global challenges in areas such as inequality, work, family, poverty, migration and education.

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Visions for Social Progress

Visions for Social Progress: The Future of Social Policy

Department of Social Policy Public Event

Panellists: Professor Bea Cantillon, Professor Philippe van Parijs, Professor Fiona Williams
Chair: Dr Timo Fleckenstein

15th November 2018

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thinking outside the pink and blue boxes

Realising Aspirations? Gender, Ethnicity and Job Inequalities

Department of Social Policy Public Event

8 November 2018

Panellists: Dr Omar Khan, Professor Heidi Mirza, Esohe Uwadiae
Research presented by: Samantha Parsons, Professor Lucinda Platt
Chair: Nik Miller

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Maro Matosian

Why is it Important to Pass the Domestic Violence Law in Armenia?

30 November 2017

Speaker: Maro Matosian
Chair: Dr Armine Ishkanian

Women’s rights NGOs in Armenia have been campaigning for the passage of a domestic violence bill for many years.  As the Armenian National Assembly debates the bill, there have also been heated debates between the defenders and critics of the bill. Maro Matosian, the Executive Director of the Women’s Support Center NGO in Armenia, gave a presentation on the latest developments and why, from the perspective of human rights and social justice, it is important for this bill to become law.  

Judicial review

The Value and effects of Judicial Review
By Varda Bondy, Professor Lucinda Platt, and Professor Maurice Sunkin
Seminar to launch the major research report- 2016

The first comprehensive independent study to consider the effects of judicial review principally from the perspective of claimants and their advisers. The findings provide significant new insights into the value of judicial review for claimants, policy and practice, and challenge many widely held assumptions.

More information.

Blowing the lid book cover.jpg 100 X 130

Blowing the Lid : Gay Liberation, Sexual Revolution and Radical Queens
By Stuart Feather, Daniel Monk and Dr Hakan Seckinelgin 
Department of Social Policy book launch and discussion- 2016

Stuart Feather in his book describes the Gay Liberation Front’s founding, its meetings in Central London (starting at the LSE), principles, fights over revolutionary practice, gender differences and transsexuality. He relates protests and confrontations often with Women’s Liberation against Miss World and the Festival of Light in detail, sometimes bitter, often hilarious. A participant in many of the actions described, he also includes contributions from many other activists.

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