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Mannheim Centre

Seminar series

with the British Society of Criminology Southern Branch

Please Note:  All seminars begin at 6:30pm, participants are welcome to join for an informal welcome from 6pm


Summer Term 2018-19


12 June
Challenges, Innovation and Reform in the Policing of Drugs
Panel with Matt Bacon (University of Sheffield), Jack Spicer (University of the West of England) and Niamh Eastwood (Release)
Location: Thai Theatre


Seminar series archive 2018/19

29 May
Contemporary Crime Control in Historical Context:
From the ‘New Police’ to the ‘Transformation of Policing’?
David Churchill (University of Leeds)

20 March
The Prison Boundary: Between Society and Carceral Space
Jennifer Turner (University of Liverpool)

20 February
Hate Crime and the Legal Process

Abenaa Owusu-Bempah (LSE) and Susann Wiedlitzka (University of Sussex)

16 January
Reading Pictures: Art History and the Sociology of Punishment
Eamonn Carrabine (University of Essex)

28 November
Taking Stock of Research on Policing and the Police
Panel with Jennifer Brown (LSE), Penny Dick (University of Sheffield)
and Nigel Fielding (University of Surrey)

31 October
‘Betwixt and Between’: The Evolution of Parole as a Public Policy Concern in England and Wales
Thomas Guiney (LSE), with a response from Nick Hardwick (Royal Holloway, University of London)

26 September
Atmospheres of Crime and Justice
Alison Young (Melbourne)


Seminar series archive 2017-18

11 October
The Promise of Ethnography: Gangs, Active Offenders and Policy
Scott Decker (Arizona)

8 November
Law, 'Truth' and Criminal Injustice: Case-Studies in Gender and Punishment
Anette Ballinger (Keele)

6 December
Political Violence: A Typology 

Vincenzo Ruggiero (Middlesex)

10 January
Beth Weaver (Strathclyde)

28 February
The Prison Boundary: Between Society and Carceral Space

Jen Turner (Liverpool)

21 March
Transforming Justice: Modernisation in the Lower Criminal Courts

Jenni Ward (Middlesex)

16 May
Panel on ‘Deep Imprisonment' with  Ben Crewe (Cambridge), Alison Liebling (Cambridge), Yvonne Jewkes (Kent)

6 June
The Paradox of Punishment: an Anthropology of Crime, Politics and Welfare at the UK's Margins

Insa Koch (LSE)