MSc Offer-Holders

Q&A Session summaries

20 May 2020|

A summary of the four Q&A sessions held by Dr Bryan Roberts. It was great to meet you!

Courses and Teaching Staff 2020-21

22 April 2020|

We offer a broad range of exciting and challenging courses on all four of our MSc programmes. Our staff are experts in a broad area of research and their interest and expertise form the base of our teaching.

Programme coordinators

21 April 2020|

“What happens if I cannot attend my seminar? Can I audit a course that is not part of my regulation? Can I take an outside option?”* Your programme coordinator will be your main point of contact for these and questions in regards to programme regulations, course choices and approval of outside options.

Registration dates

25 March 2020|

Find out about your programme registration dates and get a first idea of events during Welcome Week.

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    Like a hunt for an Easter Egg – Postgraduate Funding Opportunities

Like a hunt for an Easter Egg – Postgraduate Funding Opportunities

18 March 2020|

LSE offers a number of scholarships and awards to MSc students and a popular one amongst applicants is the Graduate Support Scheme.

EC400 – Your gateway to Economics classes at LSE

11 March 2020|

The Department of Philosophy offers a variety of fantastic courses but you may be interested in taking an outside option as part of your programme.

Term dates at LSE

21 January 2020|

Start of a new year, time to get organised. You may like to begin with some planning for an exciting year ahead.

Regular events at LSE Philosophy

18 December 2019|

Welcome to LSE Philosophy! As you’re no doubt aware, there’s an awful lot going on in the Department of Philosophy Logic and Scientific Method, as well as in the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science and the Forum for Philosophy. Here’s just a sample of some of our regular events…

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