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Communications and Marketing Manager, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, London School of Economics and Political Science. E.D.Rodgers@lse.ac.uk

Philosophy of Language for Decision Theory

12 January 2017|

On 25–26 May, this two-day workshop will explore the connections between philosophy of language and decision theory.

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    The scientific limits of understanding complex social phenomena

The scientific limits of understanding complex social phenomena

9 January 2017|

Can we give accurate scientific explanations for social phenomena? In this post, CPNSS Research Fellow Alexander Krauss looks at the proposed link between economic inequality and democratic change.

5th LSE-Bayreuth Student Philosophy Conference 2017

16 December 2016|

This year’s LSE-Bayreuth student philosophy conference will take place 11–12 May 2017 at LSE.

New video: The LSE Philosophy MSc Programmes

16 December 2016|

In a brand new LSE video, staff, students and graduates discuss our world-leading philosophy MSc programmes and give an insight into the unique atmosphere of the department.

5th LSE Graduate Conference in Philosophy of Probability

14 December 2016|

On 2–3 June 2017, this conference will bring together researchers and graduate students in Philosophy, Psychology/Cognitive Science, Physics, Medicine, Computer Science and related fields to discuss issues in the philosophy of probability.

Universal health coverage case studies published

13 December 2016|

Further to his role in the WHO’s Consultative Group on Equity and Universal Health Coverage, Alex Voorhoeve has published three case studies to illustrate how the groups findings can guide practical decision making.

2016 MSc prize winners

6 December 2016|

We’re pleased to announce that this year’s MSc prizes have been awarded to David Coombs, Christian Larroulet, Xing Li and Thomas Tozer.

Providing aid and foreseeing harm

6 December 2016|

Should we be blamed for the negative consequences of otherwise wholly good acts? Tom Rowe considers the moral risks faced by aid givers.

PhD graduate to take up Associate Professorship at Tromsø

15 November 2016|

We’re pleased to announce that PhD graduate Chris Thompson has been appointed Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Tromsø .

Philosophy Elevator Pitches: A New Event Series

2 November 2016|

This term, the Department has launched a new event series for all LSE philosophy students: Philosophy Elevator Pitches.