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Felix Lill (2009–2010)

29 September 2010|

I took the MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences at LSE in 2009/10 and I must say that I really enjoyed it. My class was full of inspiring fellow students and the relationship with the teachers was very good. Besides reading a lot of the giants’ works in philosophy, the course itself is very good to train one’s analytical […]

Luke Tomlinson (2008–2009)

29 September 2009|

I am a PhD student at the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford, having been awarded an ESRC studentship to study ‘Justice, Governance and Climate Change’. My research involves applying normative political theory to climate change policy and is heavily influenced by my studies at the LSE. My MSc dissertation thesis was […]

Orri Stefansson (2008–2009)

29 September 2009|

Three activities have taken up most of my time since I finished the MSc program in Philosophy and Public Policy: working as a journalist, doing research for the Icelandic Parliament’s Special Investigation Commission, and preparing PhD applications. The MSc degree has, I believe, helped me with all these activities. Firstly, the degree gave me a valuable opportunity […]

Andy Lowenthal (2008–2009)

29 September 2009|

Andy was selected for the Presidential Management Fellowship at the U.S. Department of State, with rotations at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and D.C. Public Schools, Office of the Chancellor. Coincidentally, Andy had highlighted Chancellor Rhee’s leadership in his dissertation, which he later presented at the Global Dialogue on Ethical and Effective Governance in Amsterdam. Andy […]

Alnoor Ladha (2008–2009)

29 September 2009|

I completed the MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy in September 2009 after two years of part-time enrollment. I was working full-time in addition to the program, and although it was demanding, the professors and the department were extremely flexible with me. Even though the hours were pretty consistent from one semester to another, the program started […]

Ben Holden (2008–2009)

29 September 2009|

I studied for an the Msc. in Philosophy and Public Policy, graduating in 09. Studying at LSE was a great experience because you get to develop your analytical skills and equally importantly your ability to present your own opinions in a supportive an intelectually stimpulating environment. One part of the LSE experience which really helped prepare me […]

Scott Burnett (2008–2009)

29 September 2009|

There was much in the content of the MSc that could be directly applied to the work that I do in South Africa. In the carbon sphere, the lectures on environmental policy and on rational choice theory helped in moulding my thinking on these issues; in the HIV-prevention sphere, where I work for a campaign that is […]

Mårten Lewander (2008–2009)

29 September 2009|

Mårten Lewander writes, ‘I attended the MSc in Economics and Philosophy during 08/09. My goal when applying to LSE was to give myself a chance to really indulge in the philosophical issues surrounding economics, such as those relating to normative theories of distribution. I also wanted to sharpen my previous knowledge of economics without necessarily having to […]

Mark Patterson (2008–2009)

29 September 2009|

I am currently a PhD candidate in the Behavioral Decision Research division of Carnegie Mellon University’s Social and Decision Science department; as a practitioner of social science, I can confidently attest to the value of the LSE’s MSc. in philosophy of the social sciences.

While my experience at the LSE has contributed to my development as […]

Sebastian Koehler (2008–2009)

29 September 2009|

I am currently doing a MPhil in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge, with the intention of staying on for the PhD. In 2007, after finishing my BA in Philosophy at the University of Bielefeld (Germany) I decided to continue my studies with a masters. Since I am strongly interested in issues of the philosophy of the […]