Creating impact together.

Our aim is to bring new perspectives to an underexposed field of research and knowledge.

The Marshall Institute will bring together the principal actors in private action for public benefit to share information, data, projects, and practice. We provide a platform for exchange between the key actors in the field, be they investors, foundations, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, or government agencies.

Upcoming event

Impact Investing Summit 2019
Wednesday 4 December - Thursday 5 December 2019

Impact Investing Summit 2019 is one of the leading global impact investment events, based in London UK Europe. The year's Summit will cover topics such as mobilising capital for development impact, the democratisation of capital, social impact investment and more. 

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Recent events

Social Integration and Inequality in London
Tuesday 10 September 2019, 6:30pm
Panelists: Afua Hirsch, Sadiq Khan & Professor Stephan Chambers

London is one of the most diverse and progressive cities in the world, but rapid change means social cohesion is being put to the test like never before. In discussion with Afua Hirsch, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan will state why it’s essential that London is a city for all of us.

Faith & Philanthropy: Is religion a force for good? 
Wednesday 27th February 2019
Panelists: Revd Canon Dr James Walters, Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand & Iqbal Nasim

Religious teaching and practice have always been one of the primary motivations in both philanthropy and the pursuit of a more just economic system. Whether it is Muslim practice of Zakat or the biblically-inspired Jubilee 2000 campaign that sought to write off the excessive debts of the developing world, religious beliefs form how people interact with money and how they think it should be distributed.

Past events  


How relationships change the world, and where to go with what we know

David Robinson, Hilary Cottam, Jon Cruddas and Stephan Chambers

A Better World is Possible – the Gatsby Charitable Foundation and Social Progress

Lord Sainsbury and Stephan Chambers 

Beveridge and Voluntary Action for the 21st Century

Dr Jonathan Roberts, Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett and Kawsar Zaman 

The Five Giants and the Ministers who Made a Difference

Sir Julian Le Grand and Nicholas Timmins

Just Giving: Why Philanthropy is failing democracy and how it can do better

Stephan Chambers and Rob Reich

The V-Day Movement

Stephan Chambers & Eve Ensler

A Social Entrepreneur’s Story: The future of resilient identity

Stephan Chambers & Tey Al Rjula

Film Screening of 'Bending the Arc'

Stephan Chambers & Cori Stern

The Nature of Business - what can natural systems teach us about creating a healthy economy?

Stephan Chambers & Tom Rippin


In Conversation with Michael Sandel: Capitalism, Democracy, and the Public Good

Professor Michael Sandel and Tim Besley

The Kitchen Cabinet  

The Kitchen Cabinets are informal roundtable discussions. We invite a group of stakeholders and experts to debate pressing topic in confidence and to propose follow-up actions.

The discussions are by invitation only and are chaired by Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett (Chair and co-founder of Marshall Institute). For more information on hosting or attending a Kitchen Cabinet please contact Amelia Bradley