Staff-Student Liaison Committees

in the Department of International Relations

We have three Staff-Student Liaison Committees.

Staff-Student Liaison Committees (undergraduate and post-graduate taught courses)

Staff-Student Liaison Committees (undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses) meet at least once a term to discuss matters of common interest. These are consultative, not an executive, bodies and are chaired by the Deputy Head of the IR Department (Teaching and Learning). The Committee Secretary for both is the Programmes Manager.

The Undergraduate SSLC is attended by two representatives from first-year, second-year and third-year undergraduates and one representative from the General Course.

The Postgraduate SSLC is attended by representatives from MSc IR and MSc IPE; MSc IR(R); MSc IRT; MSc IPE(R) and Sciences Po-LSE Double Degree in Affaires Internationales and IR/IPE students. Any taught course student of the Department, however, is welcome to come to the meetings of the SSLC and participate in the discussion.

The election of the SSLC representatives takes place early in Michaelmas term.

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Staff-Research Student Liaison Committee

A Staff-Research Student Liaison Committee meets once a term to discuss matters of common interest.  It is chaired by the Doctoral Programmes Director and is attended by the Programmes Manager, the PhD and Research Co-ordinator as Committee Secretary, and representatives of new and continuing research students.

The election of the SRSLC representatives will take place early in Michaelmas Term.

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