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New grant for Middle East religious diversity study

The $350,000 award, the Henry Luce Foundation's first gift to LSE, is in support of the 3 year project ‘Managing Religious Diversity in the Middle East: The Muhasasa Ta’ifia in Iraq, 2003-2018’, which will be headed by Professor Toby Dodge of LSE International Relations and LSE Middle East Centre.

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LSE Excellence in Education Awards 2019

Congratulations to the following staff members of the International Relations Department who have been awarded an Excellence in Education Award this year:

Spyros Economides
Yuna Han
Gustav Meibauer
Tristen Naylor
Emma Saint
Luca Tardelli

The Excellence in Education Awards are made, on the recommendations of Heads of Department, to staff who have demonstrated outstanding teaching contribution and educational leadership in their departments.



Congratulations to our 2019 Undergraduate Prizewinners!

We are proud to announce the BSc prizewinners for the 2018-19 session.

Read full details about the winners and prizes



Listen to Professor Toby Dodge

Professor Toby Dodge was interviewed by the BBC's Bridget Kendal about how the 1919 Treaty of Versailles affected the wars in Iraq.

Listen here



Double congratulations to Dr Ranjit Lall!

Ranjit's dissertation "Making International Organizations Work: The Politics of Institutional Performance" has been awarded TWO prizes by the American Political Science Association:

  • International Collaboration Section's Best Dissertation Award 2018.
  • Merze Tate Award 2019, awarded annually for the best dissertation successfully defended during the previous two years in the field of international relations, law and politics.

The awards will be presented at the APSA Conference later this year.

You can read an International Organization article containing a key part of the argument here.



Congratulations to Professor William A Callahan!

His article "The Politics of Walls: Barriers, Flows and the Sublime"(2018) has won the Best Article of the Year Prize from BISA and the Review of International Studies.

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Read a summary on the LSE US Centre blog



The Marco Lam Prize

We are pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural Marco Lam Prize. In honour of the late Kuan Long (Marco) Lam, we have established this prize for outstanding blogging. This year's subject was 'What does IR mean to you?'.

First place was awarded to Milton Wong (1st year BSC Politics and IR) and the runners-up are Jad Baghdadi (2nd year BSc IR) and Tetsekela M. Anyiam-Osigwe (3rd year BSC Politics and IR). Each of these blogs provides a unique perspective on what IR means; touching on the heritage of the field, its application in current conflicts and cultures, and its influence on them personally.

Read more about Marco and the winning blogs


IR Spotlight

IR Spotlight: the International Relations Department newsletter

The latest edition of the Department's newsletter IR Spotlight is now available!

Read the Spring 2019 edition here



Alumni News

LSE IR and History graduate (2016) Suyin Haynes spent a two day journey by train, spanning six countries and 1,200 miles with teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg - and heard how she made the whole world listen.

Her report is the feature article in Time 27 May 2019 issue.

Read it here



Student-led Teaching Excellence Awards 2019 from LSE Students' Union

We are very pleased that the following members of our Department have been recognised in the Teaching Excellence Awards this year:

Full list of winners



New podcast

At this recent event hosted by LSE Ideas, Professor Christopher Coker discusses his new book 'The Rise of the Civilizational State' exploring the cases of China, Russia and ISIS. 

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New blog post

On the publication of his latest book Understanding International Relations (5th Edition), Emeritus Professor Chris Brown writes on the breakdown of the international order and why it might not be all bad news.

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LSE Politics and International Relations ranked fourth in 2019 world university rankings by subject

LSE Politics and International Relations has been ranked fourth in the QS World University Ranking by Subject 2019 tables for Politics and International Studies. This is an improvement from fifth in the world in 2018, ahead of Cambridge University and Princeton.

Scores take into account academic and employer reputation surveys, along with citations per faculty.

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See methodology and more information



New podcast:
Stephan Haggard on "International Liberalism and its Discontents"

The podcast for Professor Stephan Haggard's January talk on "International Liberalism and its Discontents" is now available. 

More information about the lecture

Listen to the podcast here


gender hub

LSE to lead £15m research hub to promote gender equality

The LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security (WPS) will lead a new coalition of research institutions addressing gendered injustice and insecurity around the world.

Members of the IR Department faculty, Kirsten Ainley is Co-Director and Deputy Principal Investigator, while Milli Lake is a Co-Investigator. 

Receiving £15.2m over five years through the UK Government’s Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), the UKRI GCRF Gender, Justice and Security Hub will work extensively with civil society groups, practitioners, governments and international organisations to advance gender justice and inclusive peace in developing nations.

More information

Gender, Justice and Security Hub



New podcast:
John J Mearsheimer on "The Great Delusion: liberal dreams and international realities"

The podcast for Professor John J Mearsheimer's January talk on "The Great Delusion: liberal dreams and international realities" is now available. 

More information about the lecture

Listen to the podcast here

Photo: © LSE/Nigel Stead


KS-EU simulation game video

New video:
The Simulation Game: EU Human Rights Diplomacy in the UN

In November 2018, LSE students took part in the simulation of a meeting of an EU committee on the UN, to prepare the EU’s position on human rights issues within the UN. The simulation was an activity of the EUNNET programme, an EU-funded network on teaching and research on the EU and the UN.

Watch it here.



Congratulations to our MSc Dissertation Prizewinners!

We are proud to announce the MSc dissertation prizewinners for the 2017-18 session.

Read full details about their dissertations.


Bayly Martin head

New appointment!

We are delighted to announce that Dr Martin J Bayly (currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department) has accepted the post of Assistant Professor of International Relations Theory, which he will begin in the next academic year.

Find out more about Martin



New appointment!

We are delighted to announce that Dr Theresa Squatrito has accepted the position of Assistant Professor of International Institutions. She will join us in the new academic year from the University of Liverpool and will be a great addition to the Department.

Find out more about Theresa



Professor Tarak Barkawi's book Soldiers of Empire wins major AHA 2018 prize

Congratulations to Professor Tarak Barkawi who has been awarded the 2018 Paul Birdsall Prize for a major book on European military and strategic history since 1870 from the American Historical Association for his book Soldiers of Empire: Indian and British Armies in World War II (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2017). 

The prize will be awarded at the 133 annual meeting of the AHA in January 2019 in Chicago.

More information here.


European Journal of IR

Gender and bias in the International Relations curriculum: Insights from reading lists

by Kiran Phull, Gokhan Ciflikli and Gustav Meibauer

Following growing academic interest and activism targeting gender bias in university curricula, the authors present the first analysis of female exclusion in a complete International Relations curriculum, across degree levels and disciplinary subfields. The IR curriculum as LSE was used as a dataset. The paper is based on the work of the IR PhD-led Gender & Diversity Project.

Read or download the paper here.



Congratulations to our Graduate Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows who have been recognised in the LSE Class Teacher Awards 2018 for their very special contribution to teaching at LSE

From the Department of International Relations:

Highly Commended - Jacklyn Majnemer and Sarah Bertrand

Winner - Chris Rossdale

More information


Gerges Fawaz head

Listen to a 5 part documentary series on BBC Radio 4 on 'How Syria Changed The World' featuring Professor Fawaz Gerges as main contributor

Listen to Fawaz Gerges, professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics, Madawi Al-Rasheed, Saudi Arabia expert and visiting professor at the Middle East Centre of the LSE, and Anoush Ehtheshami, professor of International Relations at Durham University and a specialist in Iran.

Edward Stourton and guests examine how the deep sectarian divide in Syria has now become entrenched across the Middle East region as the major faultline.

(5 x 15 min episodes available via BBC iPlayer)

Listen to the episodes on BBC iPlayer



New Assistant Professor of IPE wins Harvard Dissertation Prize

We are pleased to announce that Ranjit Lall, who joins the LSE International Relations Department as Assistant Professor of International Political Economy in July, has been awarded the Harvard Government Department's Robert Noxon Toppan prize for the best political science dissertation for his dissertation "Making International Organizations Work: The Politics of Institutional Performance".

You can read an International Organization article containing a key part of the argument here.



IR PhD student wins RUSI essay prize

Congratulations to IR PhD student Siddarth Kaushal who has won the 2018 RUSI Trent Gascoigne Essay Prize for original writing on contemporary issues of defence and security with his essay entitled 'Positional Warfare: a Paradigm for understanding 21st Century Conflict'.

Read the full essay here



Dr Martin J Bayly's first book wins ISA prize 2018

Congratulations to Dr Martin J Bayly, whose first book Taming the Imperial ImaginationColonial Knowledge, International Relations, and the Anglo-Afghan Encounter, 1808–1878 was awarded the Francesco Guicciardini Prize for best book in historical international relations 2018, awarded by the historical IR section of the International Studies Association.



Paper wins the International Studies Association Best Pre-PhD Paper Award for the Theory Section

Congratulations to Dr Scott Hamilton, one of our recent PhD graduates, who has won the International Studies Association's 'Best Paper' award for the Theory section, 'Pre-PhD' category 2017. He will be presented with his award at the 2018 ISA conference in San Francisco. Read about the award here.

Read his paper: Securing ourselves from ourselves? The paradox of “entanglement” in the Anthropocene



Paper wins the International Studies Association English School Section Outstanding Research Paper Award

Congratulations to Dr Robert Falkner and Professor Barry Buzan. Their paper 'The Emergence of Environmental Stewardship as a Primary Institution of Global International Society', which was first presented at the ISA 2017 conference, has won the ISA English School Section's Outstanding Research Paper in the 'Senior Scholar' category.

The award will be presented at the 2018 ISA Annual Convention in San Francisco in April.

Read the paper here (European Journal of International Relations. 



Foreign Policy Magazine/TRIP list of best International Relations Schools in the world

Thank you to the 1500 scholars who contributed to the Teaching, Research, and International Policy (TRIP) project, and who voted the LSE as top UK institution for Masters Programmes for Policy Career in International Relations.

They also voted for LSE in the top 15 PhD Programmes for Academic Career in International Relations.

Foreign Policy's best International Relations Schools in the world



Jens Meierhenrich, Associate Professor of IR, has been appointed co-editor of Cambridge Studies in Law and Society

The venerable book series at Cambridge University Press was founded in 1997.  Cambridge Studies in Law and Society is a hub for leading scholarship in socio-legal studies. Located at the intersection of law, the humanities, and the social sciences, it publishes empirically innovative and theoretically sophisticated work on law's manifestations in everyday life: from discourses to practices, and from institutions to cultures.

Information about the book series here



Professor Tomila Lankina features in March LSE IQ Podcast

Listen to the March episode of the LSE IQ podcast with LSE experts Professor Tomila Lankina of the International Relations Department, Dr Brian Klass and Dr Jonathan Hopkin on the decline in global freedom & what the future holds for democracy.

Listen to the podcast
More information



International Affairs Books Podcast: Tarak Barkawi on Soldiers of Empire

In the latest instalment of this new podcast series from Chatham House, George Lawson interviews Tarak Barkawi about his new book Soldiers of Empire: Indian and British Armies in World War II

Listen to Chatham House podcast here (30 mins)



International Affairs podcast: Banking crises and Politics

In the latest 30-minute podcast from Chatham House, Ben Horton talks to Jeffrey M Chwieroth, Professor of International Relations at LSE, and Andrew Walter, Professor of International Relations, University of Melbourne (and previously part of the LSE IR faculty).

From Brexit in the UK, to the election of Donald Trump in the US and upheaval across the Eurozone, the effects of the 2008-09 financial crisis are still being felt around the world.

Listen to the International Affairs podcast here.



Kim Wall - IR Department alumnus

The Department of International Relations is extremely saddened to learn of the death of Swedish journalist Kim Wall.  Kim studied for the BSc in International Relations in the IR Department and graduated in 2011, before going on to complete a masters degree at Columbia University and becoming a freelance journalist.

Her former Academic Mentor at the LSE, Dr Alex Prichard, remembers her well.  He writes that she was "a really lovely person, as well as an excellent student with ambition and ability, who was determined to pursue a career in journalism". All who knew her praised her dedication to her work, her inquisitiveness and engagement. 

The department sends its deepest sympathies to Kim's family and friends.


Books stack_4-3

Highly cited works

Professor Tomila Lankina's article 'Appropriation and Subversion: Precommunist Literacy, Communist Party Saturation, and Postcommunist Democratic Outcomes' (co-written with Alexander Libman and Anastasia Obydenkova) has been highlighted by the World Politics Cambridge Core website as a 'most cited in 2016' work. They are making it available for free download across the 2017 APSA, ECPR and EISA conferences.

Congratulations to Dr Kirsten Ainley whose article 'The Responsibility to Protect and the International Criminal Court: counteracting the crisis' has been highlighted by Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press) International Affairs Journal as a 'highly cited paper' for 2016. Read the article here


Congratulations to Fawaz Gerges!

ISIS: A History by Professor Fawaz A Gerges
Shortlisted for the prestigious Arthur Ross Book Award 2017 from the Council on Foreign Relations.

This annual award recognises books that make an outstanding contribution to the understanding of foreign policy or international relations.

Read more

2017-08-11 14_31_39-An interview with author Tarak Barkawi - YouTube

Soldiers of Empire: Indian and British Armies in World War Two

Watch Dr. Tarak Barkawi talk about his latest book Soldiers of Empire: Indian and British Armies in World War Two in a fascinating interview here:

Interview with Dr Tarak Barkawi Interview with Dr Tarak Barkawi
Cambridge Academic Books


Staff news

Dr. Stephen Woolcock  gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament's Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Relations' Committee on international trade after Brexit. Click here to watch the debate.

Dr. Tomila Lankina discussed Russia's state of the art media strategy in a new study, arguing that media monitoring can shed light on the Kremlin's opaque decision-making processes. Read full article.

Professor Barry Buzan and Dr George Lawson's book The Global Transformation: History, Modernity and the Making of International Relations has been awarded the ISA's Francesco Guicciardini Prize for Best Book in Historical International Relations 2017.

Dr. Martin Hearson, LSE IR expert on tax treaties, was quoted in the Financial Times on Mauritius investment.

Dr. Kirsten Ainley reviews Joe Hoover's book 'Reconstructing Human Rights'.

Professor Peter Trubowitz talks about the US Presidential Election in Newsweek and Chatham House.  He also writes regularly for the LSE US Centre blog.

Dr. Martin Bayly gave an interview to Research Professional magazine in September on his British Academy Award.


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