Master's programmes

Study to improve the future of health care

Developed countries are spending well above 10% of their GDP on health care. With the inclusion of good health as key to the Sustainable Development Goals, we have seen an increase in health expenditure in low-income countries. It is this global context that requires students of health policy and health economics to appreciate the breadth of policy implications and the depth of specialism.

It has been so rewarding to have met friends and colleagues from around the world, and to learn about Health Policy in such diverse contexts.

Katelyn Smalley, Msc International Health Policy '17


MSc Global Health Policy

Programme Directors: Dr Clare Wenham and Dr Joan Costa-Font

Through analysis of health policy and economics, the programme explores global health issues and policy concerns affecting low- and middle-income countries. It offers a variety of theortical and applied approaches to address the mechanisms behind global health activity, as well as offering students tangible skills for careers in global health, such as policy analysis, evidence review, and cost-effectiveness analysis.


MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing

Programme Director: Dr Justin Parkhurst

The programme aims to develop critical analysis of issues within the areas of health policy, planning, and financing to enable you to devise appropriate health policy responses. You will be able to specialise in issues of common concern to countries with similar health systems and problems.


MSc International Health Policy

Programme Director: Dr Mylene Lagarde

You will examine important health policy issues through the application of basic health policy and economic principles. The programme will prepare for a career across the growing health sector, from health administration and management, to government departments, and the commercial health industry.


MSc International Health Policy - Health Economics

Programme Director: Professor Alistair McGuire

As a specialist stream of the MSc International Health Policy degree, this programme of study will develop your skills in advanced health economics, health care economic evaluation, applied health econometrics, and performance measurement.