Executive programmes

Elevate your career with health policy expertise

My thinking became much more critical and rigorous. Also it’s very enjoyable to be in London, to be with other students from around the world, and the quality of the teaching is exceptional.

Dr Mark Sopher, Executive MSc Health Economics, Outcomes and Management 2017

The Department of Health Policy helps working professionals elevate their career across the health sector by advancing their analytical skills, widening their horizon, and challenging them to explore global policy problems.

We offer four executive master's programmes delivered in a flexible modular format to allow you to continue working full time while you study for your degree. You will be on campus for two weeks twice a year, usually in November/December and May/June. Over the course of two years, the programme covers the same amount of material as in a full-time one year master's programme.

Our faculty is among the best in their specialised fields. They are all active researchers, helping to develop new methods and implement solutions to some of the biggest challenges in health care today. They regularly consult with governments around the world and large health organisations, such as WHO. 

You will study alongside professionals working the the health sector around the world adding to your experience and learning. Our students tend to build strong networks with the other health care specialists on the programme during their studies.  

Below you can explore our four modular executive master's programmes and click through to the full programme descriptions, including details on how to apply. If you have any questions email us at


LSE-Chicago Double Executive MSc in Health Policy

The shift in global healthcare spending has intensified demand for professionals with specialist health sector expertise and the ability to implement extensive policy solutions. With significant challenges in domestic and international health policy, global health and sustainability, health technology innovations, and financing healthcare, the programme complements your specialist skill set with in-depth policy insights and practical tools of economic analysis.

This transatlantic double executive programme is designed and delivered in partnership with the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. Drawing on LSE's strengths in health economics and management, and Harris' public policy thought leadership, the programme prepares professionals to shape the global health care landscape earning you two degrees in the process.

Read more about the programme and how to apply here

Executive MSc in Evaluation of Health Care Interventions and Outcomes

Skills in evaluating health care interventions and outcomes are increasingly important for active participants of strategic decision-making across the health sector. Combining the interdisciplinary expertise and research excellence of LSE faculty with the flexibility of executive study, this programme delivers a well-rounded intellectual and practical grounding in skills evaluating health care interventions and outcomes.

The programme is the first of its kind to offer postgraduate training to full-time professionals in this field. It will be run by the Department of Health Policy at LSE with support from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which is known internationally for its contribution to the quality and efficiency of health care and the scientific rigour of its approach.

Read more about the programme and how to apply here

Executive MSc in Health Economics, Outcomes and Management in Cardiovascular Sciences

This is a specialist programme for healthcare professionals and industry leaders in the cardiovascular sciences. Developed in collaboration with the European Society of Cardiology, the programme offers a set of tailored courses in health economics, outcomes research, and healthcare management. 

The two-year taught modular degree provides you with the opportunity to study in an academic department recognised for its quality of research and policy advice as well as excellence in academic teaching. Throughout the programme, you examine crucial health policy matters in the cardiovascular sciences using the latest in policy analysis and economic principles. 

Read more about the programme and how to apply here

Executive MSc in Health Economics, Policy and Management

The programme offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary toolkit which integrates rigorous health economics training with insights into the policy process, the design and analysis of health services research, and discusses current health management problems.

The programme seeks to accelerate experienced professionals' career development by enhancing the understanding of health financing and management, cost-effectiveness analysis, and pharmaceutical economics. It offers exposure to leading academics as well as high-level stakeholders from across the realms of industry, government, and national bodies.

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