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TUE 25 JUN 2019, 12.30-14.00 - SEMINAR

Mums go online: is the internet changing the demand for healthcare?

As patients increasingly seek information online, the doctor-patient – and perhaps even the provision of healthcare – is changing. Yet while patients are able to research products that would enable them to monitor their health status, and are able to access resources to inform their diagnoses, doctors still determine the supply of treatments.

At this seminar, Carol Propper presented research exploring how internet access affected women’s decision-making during pregnancy. 

More information here. 



TUE 30 APRIL 2019, 11.00-19.45 - CONFERENCE

Department of Health Policy launch event

This one-day conference explored some of the most pressing contemporary issues in health policy globally. Two Nobel Prize winners, Sir Christopher Pissarides and Dr Denis Mugweke, gave keynote addresses. 

Watch videos from the event here.



TUE 5 FEB 2019, 12.30-14.00 - SEMINAR

Microsimulation for lifecourse economic evaluation: A framework and application to early years policy

Professor Richard Cookson presented a new birth cohort microsimulation framework for lifecourse economic evaluation, which provides detailed information about long-term health and non-health benefits, public costs, and inequality impacts. 



THU 28 NOV 2018, 18.30-20.00 - LECTURE

Will you feel better after hospital treatment?

We have little idea about whether hospital treatment makes patients better. In his inaugural lecture Professor Andrew Street explained why this matters and what can be done about it.

Listen to the podcast here.



MON 19 NOV 2018, 12.30-13.30 - SEMINAR

Can we cure child mental health problems? If not, what are services there for? 

Professor MIranda Wolpert from UCL sharedthe latest learning about how child mental health services are currently configured and how they might be configured in the future. She draws on research from across the UK with a focus on empowering the voice of young people.



MON 15 OCT 2018, 12.45-14.00 - SEMINAR

The Health Care Provider Performance Review (HCPPR)

Ministries of health and their partners spend considerable resources on strategies to improve health worker performance and health care quality. Until now there has not been one place where decision-makers could go to find a comprehensive summary of this research. Dr Alex Rowe showedhow HCPPR is designed to help fill this gap. 




TUE 9 OCT 2018, 18.00-20.00 - LECTURE

Economic Crisis and Health Policy in Greece: Critical Challenges and Structural Reforms

Andreas Xanthos, Minister of Health in Greece, talkedabout the challenges faced by the Greek public health system in a period of economic crisis and austerity, and the strategic and structural reforms required to shape the future of the health system for both the population and healthcare workers.


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