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The Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation | CARR is a major interdisciplinary research group based at LSE.   

CARR was an ESRC research centre for ten years until 2010. It will continue to operate as a hub for a wide range of different projects and activities. It is an interdisciplinary research unit operating within LSE’s Department of Accounting on behalf of a group of stakeholder departments.

  • organisation and system crisis
  • innovation and sustainability
  • reputation and legitimacy

CARR's analytical emphasis in each of these areas is to understand and explain: variations in the organisation of risk management and regulation; pressures for change in policy and practice; and the consequences of regulation and risk management

CARR is an international reference point and centre of excellence for the study of risk and regulation.


CARR Directorate


Professor Martin Lodge

Director of CARR

Professor of Political Science and Public Policy | Department of Government

Comparitive regulation and public administration; Government and politics of the EU and of Germany; Railway regulation in Britain and Germany; Regulatory reform in Jamaica.

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Dr Andrea Mennicken

Deputy Director of CARR

Associate Professor of Accounting | Department of Accounting

Global accounting and audit regulation and standardisation; Processes of professionalisation Accounting; Economic transition and social transformation in post-Soviet Russia; The sociology of calculative practices; Accounting in the public sector

CARR Senior Research Associates


Professor Bridget Hutter

Professor of Risk Regulation | Department of Sociology

Regulation of economic life; Corporate responses and non-state forms of regulation


Professor Peter Miller

Professor of Management Accounting | Department of Accounting

Accounting and advanced manufacturing systems; Investment appraisal and capital budgeting; Accounting and the public sector; Social and institutional aspects of accounting.


Professor Mike Power 

Professor of Accounting | Department of Accounting

Role of internal and external auditing; Risk reporting and communication; Financial accounting and auditing regulation.

CARR Research Associates

Professor Michael Barzelay

Professor of Public Management | Department of Management | LSE


Professor Elena Becalli

Professor of Accounting | Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore | Milan

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Dr Matthias Benzer

Lecturer in Sociology | Department of Sociological Studies University of Sheffield

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Dr Daniel Beunza

Associate Professor of Management | Department of Management | LSE


Professor Gwyn Bevan

Professor of Management Science | Department of Management | LSE


Professor Julia Black

Professor of Law | Department of Law | LSE


Dr Jeremy Brice

Fellow in Economy, Risk and Society | Department of Sociology | LSE

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Dr Adam Burgess

Reader in Social Risk Research | University of Kent

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Dr Madalina Busuioc

Lecturer in Politics | Department of Politics | University of Exeter

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Dr Lydie Cabane

Assistant Professor | Institue for Security and Global Affairs | Leiden University

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Dr Stefano Cascino

Assistant Professor | Department of Accounting | LSE

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Dr Yasmine Chahed

Lecturer in Accounting | Department of Accounting | LSE

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Professor Damian Chalmers

Professor in European Union Law | Department of Law | LSE


Dr Maria Correia

Associate Professor | Department of Accounting | LSE

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Dr Flavia Donadelli

Lecturer in Public Policy | School of Government | Victoria University of Wellington

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Dr David Demortain

Research Associate

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Dr John Downer

Lecturer in Risk and Resilience | University of Bristol

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Dr Rebecca Elliott

Assistant Professor | Department of Sociology | LSE 

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Dr Sharon Gilad

Associate Professor | Department of Political Science and Federmann School of Public Policy and Government | Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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Dr Hanen Haber 

LSE Fellow | Department of Government | LSE

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Professor Matthew Hall

Professor of Accounting | Monash University


Dr Hanan Haber

LSE Fellow in Public Policy and Administration | Department of Government | LSE 


Dr Eva Heims

LSE Fellow in Public Policy and Administration | Department of Government | LSE


Professor Michael Huber

Sociology of Regulation, Faculty of Sociology | Bielefeld University


Professor Will Jennings

Professor of Political Science and Public Policy | University of Southampton

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Dr Silvia Jordan

Associate Professor in Accounting | Department of Accounting, Auditing and Taxatio | Innsbruck University

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Professor Bjorn Jorgensen

Professor of Accounting and Financial Management | Department of Accounting | LSE

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Dr Saipriya Kamath

Assistant Professor | Department of Accounting | LSE

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Professor Roger King

 Visiting Professor | School of Management | University of Bath


Dr Mathias Koenig Archibugi

Associate Professor in Global Politics | Department of Government | LSE


Dr Christel Koop

Lecturer in Political Economy | Department of Political Economy | King's College London

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Dr Liisa Kurunmäki

Associate Professor in Accounting | Department of Accounting | LSE

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Dr David E. Lewis

William R. Kenan Jr Professor | Department of Political Science | Vanderbilt University

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Dr Javier Lezaun

Lecturer in Science and Technology Governance | James Martin Institute, Saïd Business School | University of Oxford

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Professor Sally Lloyd-Bostock

Visiting Professor | Department of Sociology | LSE


Dr Lukas Löhlein

Assistant Professor | Institute of Managenent Accounting and Control, WHU | Otto Beisheim School of Management 


Professor Donald MacKenzie

Professor of Sociology | University of Edinburgh

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Dr Carl Macrae

Senior Research Fellow | Department of Experimental Psychology | University of Oxford

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Dr Kira Matus

Assistant Professor in Public Policy and Management, | Department of Government | LSE


Dr Linsey McGoey

Senior Lecturer in Sociology | University of Essex

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Professor Anette Mikes

 Professor, University of Lausanne

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Professor Yuval Millo

Professor of Social Studies of Finance and Management Accounting | University of Leicester


Professor Edward C Page

Sidney and Beatrice Webb Professor of Public Policy | Department of Government | LSE


Dr Tommaso Palermo

Lecturer in Accounting | Department of Accounting | LSE  W: Link

Dr Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra

Assistant Professor | Department of Sociology | LSE


Dr Bartholomew Paudyn

Fellow | Department of International Relations | LSE


Professor Nick Pidgeon

Professor of Environmental Psychology | Cardiff University

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Professor Tony Prosser

Professor of Public Law, University of Bristol

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Dr Henry Rothstein

Senior Lecturer in Risk Management | Department of Geography and King's Centre for Risk Management | King's College London

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Dr Rita Samiolo

Lecturer in Accounting | Department of Accounting | LSE


Dr Susan Scott

Associate Professor - Reader of Information Systems | Department of Management | LSE


Professor Nick Sitter

Professor of Public Policy | Central European University

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Professor Kim Soin

Associate Professor of Accounting and Management, University of Exeter Business School

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Professor Lindsay Stirton

Professor of Law | University of Sussex

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Dr Brendon Swedlow

Assistant Professor of Political Science | Northern Illinois University

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Professor Peter Taylor-Gooby

Professor of Social Policy | University of Kent at Canterbury

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Professor Mark Thatcher

Professor of Comparative and International Politics | Department of Government | LSE


Dr Zsuzsanna Vargha

Lecturer in Accounting and Organization | School of Management | University of Leicester

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Mr Frank Vibert

Senior Visiting Fellow |Department of Government and Founder Director of European Policy | LSE


Dr Leon Wansleben

Assistant Professor | Department of Sociology | LSE


Professor Kai Wegrich

Professor of Public Management | Hertie School of Governance | Berlin

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CARR Research Staff

Mr Jose Bolanos  | CARR - FSA Research Officer | Department of Accounting | LSE


CARR Visiting Fellows

Dr Elena Bechberger | Senior Policy Advisor | Monitor

Charles Borden
 | Partner | Allen & Overy | Washington D.C.

Dr Annelise Dodds | MEP for South East England

Dr Julien Etienne | Managing Consultant | ICF International

Dr Sebastian Eyre |Head of Energy Regulation | EDF Energy

Dr Alex Griffiths | Director of Data Science | Statica Research 

Ed Humpherson | Head of Assessment | UK Statistics Authority

Dr Jeremy Lonsdale | Director | National Audit Office

Ed Richards | Managing Partner | Flint

Dr Inez von Weitershausen | Research Fellow | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr Marcus Witzky | Governance of Research Institutions | Federal Ministry of Education and Research 

CARR Research Students

Ms Katerina Glyniadaki  | Research Student | European Institute | LSE 

Thesis: EU Migration and Daily Dilemmas among Street-Level Bureaucrats

This research focuses on the implementation of migration policies relating to asylum determination and to the migrants’ integration. Through extensive in-depth interviews with various categories of street-level bureaucrats (judges, lawyers, caseworkers, social workers, volunteers and activists) in the capital cities of Berlin and Athens, it investigates how these bureaucrats make decisions under conditions of very high pressure. More specifically, it looks at the micro-level tensions and the daily dilemmas these bureaucrats face, examining how these shape their decision-making, and ultimately how policy is put into practice.


Mr Philip Kessler | Research Student | Department of Political Economy | King's College London

Thesis: The Diffusion of Competition Policy in Western Europe

The spread of competition policy amongst EU member states is an important component of the ‘market turn’ in Europe. Yet, empirical evidence is scattered with regards to assessing what drove reform towards more comprehensive national competition regimes. This research project tries to shed light on this puzzle by examining the interdependent relationship between EU and member state competition policies.

Mr Alistair Marsden | Research Student | Department of Accounting | LSE

Thesis: How participants in a major research project engage with accounting schedules and how this influences the production of accounting and scientific knowledge.

The research motivation stems from earlier observations that attempts to resolve the complex social problems that major projects were established to solve in the first place were often ‘closed down’ before the problem was resolved and before the benefits could be realised. The time needed to generate the knowledge needed to solve the social complexity was usually foregone to meet unrealistic deadlines and to mitigate the risk of cost overruns. That major research projects have scientific discovery at their core is an important factor in the choice of field-work location.  It provides an ideal opportunity to study the tension between science, time and control. 


Ms Daphnee Papiasse | Research Student | European Institute | LSE

Thesis: Regulation of financial innovation in the European Union.

Research interests: Since the global financial crisis, the financial services sector has been marked by an unprecedented development of FinTech or financial technologies, which harness technologies (data technology, mobile technology, DLT, artificial intelligence, etc.) to provide a plethora of financial services and products. My research focuses on the question of EU regulation and innovation in the context of FinTech. More globally, I am interested in EU financial regulation and the EU's growing influence in global financial governance.


Mr Philip Schleifer | Research Student | International Relations Department | LSE

Thesis: Same Same but Different: The Diffusion and Variation of Multi-Stakeholder Sustainability Governance

In the early 1990s, a new organisational model emerged on the stage of global sustainability governance, combining multi-stakeholder participation with market-based regulation. It spread rapidly and widely in the global economy. Because of their transparency and inclusiveness, multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs) have been praised for their deliberative capacity and potential to reduce the democratic deficit of global governance institutions. However, empirical evidence suggests that the diffusion of the model has given rise to variation in these key dimensions of organisational design. With a focus on three MSIs in the agriculture industry – the most dynamic site of diffusion in recent years – this project examines the causes of this variation. Combining an in-depth case study design with a comparative analysis, its preliminary findings point to the background and lessons-learned of institutional entrepreneurs and the key role they play in the formation of dominant organisational coalitions.

Ms Maria Zhivitskaya | Research Student | Department of Accounting | LSE

Thesis: The Practice of Risk Oversight

In light of the recent financial crisis, there are many academic, consulting and regulatory statements about risk governance and oversight. Maria’s research presents a taxonomy of risk oversight within the UK financial system and aims to develop an understanding of what oversight means to different actors. The focus is on (1) micro-prudential oversight of financial institutions by the Bank of England’s PRA (and historic regulatory practices by the FSA), (2) board-level oversight of risk management, and (3) oversight of risks performed within organisations. The way these types of risk oversight articulate with each other is rapidly evolving, especially since the crisis revealed many flaws in the way risk was understood and managed.

CARR Administrative Staff


Yvonne Guthrie - Centre Manager

Contact details: Room OLD 3.19, +44(0)20 7955 6408

Louise Newton-Clare - TransCrisis Project Manager

Contact details: Room KSW 3.11, +44(0)20 7107 5040


Salah Ud Din - Centre Administrator

Planning and organisation of carr events such as seminars, workshops and regulators' forum. Web editing, Risk & Regulation magazine, recruitment assisttance, centre's operations including Estates and IT. 

Contact details: Room OLD 3.20, +44(0)20 7852 3780



Policy Advisory Committee

The Policy Advisory Committee advises CARR on risk and regulation research as well as on the overall direction of CARR’s research and knowledge exchange oriented activities.

Suzanne McCarthy is a board member of the Fundraising Regulator and has been involved with many UK regulators and other public sector bodies.

Tracy Cohen is Director of Business Development at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr and was formerly a CARR postdoctoral fellow before becoming Telecommunications Commissioner in South Africa. 

David Wilson is freelance public policy expert, formerly Deputy Director, International Knowledge and Innovation Unit (EU), at the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.

Geoffrey Myers is a Visiting Professor in Regulation at the LSE and Director of Competition Economics at Ofcom.

Peter Ladegaard is the Global Lead for Regulatory Policy and Management at the World Bank’s Governance Practice.

CARR Interns

The Carr Interns are junior members making an important contribution to the running and research life of CARR

Rory Gillis

Eponine Howarth

Trishna Kurian

Martin Rogers

Nualprang Sa-Nguansak

Daniel Shears