Details of research events to take place in the Department in 2018/19 are available below. If you are interested in attending any of the events, or would like to receive further information, please contact Jack Heaney at


Accounting Research Forums

Title: tba

Date: Thursday 2 May, 10:30am

Location: OLD 3.21, 3rd floor, Old Building 

Speaker: S P Kothari, MIT Sloan School of Management

Accounting, Organisations and Institution Seminars

Title: Rethinking Gaming: The Ethical Work of Optimization in Web Search Engines

Date: Thursday 28 March, 3:00pm   

Location: OLD 3.21, 3rd floor, Old Building     

Speaker: Malte Ziewitz, Cornell University

Financial Accounting Seminars

Title: Policeman for the World: U.S. Enforcement of Foreign Corruption Regulation and Corporate Investment Policies

Date: Thursday 14 March, 10:30am

Location: CON.7.05, 7th Floor, Connaught House

Speaker: Thomas Rauter, Chicago Booth

Title: Initial Coin Offerings, Blockchain Technology, and White Paper Disclosures

Date: Thursday 21 March, 10:30am

Location: OLD 3.21, 3rd floor, Old Building

Speaker: Franco Wong, Rotman School of Management

Title: tba

Date: Thursday 9 May, 10:30am

Location: OLD 3.21, 3rd floor, Old Building

Speaker: Weili Ge, University of Washington

Title: tba

Date: Thursday 16 May, 10:30am

Location: OLD 3.21, 3rd floor, Old Building

Speaker: Vivian Fang, Carlson School of Management

Title: tba

Date: Thursday 23 May, 10:30am

Location: OLD 3.21, 3rd floor, Old Building

Speaker: Urooj Khan, Columbia Business School


Management Accounting Research Group (MARG)

The Management Accounting Research Group (MARG) conferences are dedicated to providing a forum for researchers and practitioners (approximately 50% of each) to discuss emerging research and practice. There are two annual MARG conferences - a one day event at LSE concerned with evaluating the latest trends in management accounting, and a one-and-a-half day event held at, and organised by, Aston Business School, Birmingham, which concentrates on discussing the research agenda in management accounting. 

The 2019 conference will celebrate 40 years of MARG.

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Financial Reporting Accounting and Auditing as Social and Organizational Practice (FRASOP) 2018

14-15 December 2018 | London School of Economics and Political Science

The aim of this workshop series continues to be agenda-building, and to stimulate research into the practices of financial accounting and auditing. The event provides a constructive forum for authors of developing papers and proposed studies, including later stage PhD students.

As in prior years, the fourteen workshop papers deal with many different aspects of financial accounting and auditing, including sustainability, standard setting and the virtual economy. The draft programme can be accessed here.

Please note that registration for FRASOP 2018 has now closed.

Workshop at the London School of Economics
Financial reporting and auditing as social and organizational practice
14 -15 December 2018

FRASOP 2018 Papers

Day one
Audit, Chair: Mike Power 

De Vries, De Loo & Blomme, Thinking with Bourdieu’s concept of hysteresis: When new audit trainees feel as a fish out of water

Tan & Dai, Forming and Organising the Leaving Audit Self for Voluntary Career Transition beyond Audit: The Case of Ex-Big-4 Auditors

Sustainability 1, Chair: Keith Robson

Wang, Cooper & Chapman, Are companies walking the talk in their sustainability reports: a pragmatic viewon corporate water disclosures

Sabelfield & Dumay, Rhetorical history in integrated reports

Financial Reporting 1, Chair: Power

Alon & Mintchik, Institutional logics and multi-mode standardization: Evolution of accounting standards in Russia

Bissessur, Litjens & Ormazábal, Legal origins, Institutional Logics and the Construction of Enforcement of International Financial Reporting Standards in the European

Counting People, Chair: Keith Robson

Crvelin & Lohlein, The making of an infrastructure: accounting and classification work in Germany’s civil society

Day Two

Virtual Economy, Chair: Keith Robson

Baudot, Kallio, Kettunen & Hovi, Playing Games in the Virtual Economy: Gamification of Revenue Recognition in the Sale of Virtual Goods

Hartmann, Reuter & Strauss, Creating space for organizational governance in everyday life: a car insurance and its smart product strategy

Financial Reporting 2, Chair: Power

Pucci & Riise Johansen, Solidifying financial accounting texts: The purification of IFRS 9 (Financial Instruments) in the EU

Oberwallner, Pelger & Sellhorn, Initiation of voluntary change and innovation in external reporting: A case study of the restructuring of an annual report

Sustainability 2, Chair: Robson

Charnock, The Emergence and Interconnecting of Mediating Instruments: A study of how accounting begins

Bluntz & Van Weeren, It’s not about manipulating the results: it’s about refining the methodology - creativefriction in the production of sustainability ratings

Governance, Chair: Power

Richard, Lambert & Leca: Proxy Contests as Legitimation Contests:Developing Competing Discursive Strategiesto Court Investor Votes

Information sessions/ Department Socials

PhD in Accounting Information Session

Information sessions to find out more about the PhD in Accounting are taking place on the following dates below for 2018/19. This is a opportunity to head first hand about the programme, the application process and funding, and meet faculty and current PhD students. For more information about attending, please email Rebecca Baker on

  • Wednesday 27 February 2019, 13.00-14.00

Location: Room OLD 3.16, Old Building - London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE

LSE Open Days

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