Professor Dominic Lieven

Former Distinguished Professor in International History (1978-2011)


Dominic Lieven joined LSE in 1978, became a professor in 1993 and a Fellow of the British Academy in 2001. He graduated first in the class of 1973 in history from Cambridge University and was a Kennedy Scholar at Harvard in 1973/4. Subsequently, he has been inter alia a Humboldt Fellow in Germany, and a visiting professor at Tokyo University and Harvard. He is married with two children. The family lives partly in London and partly in Japan.

Listen to Professor Lieven presenting a paper on "The Tsar Liberates Europe? Russia against Napoleon, 1807-1814".

Professor Dominic Lieven's publications include:


Russia and the Napoleonic Wars (2015) [edited with Janet Hartley and Paul Keenan]


Russia against Napoleon. The Battle for Europe, 1807 to 1814 (2009) [Winner of the Wolfson History Prize and of the annual History Prize of the Fondation Napoléon]


The Cambridge History of Russia. Volume 2: Imperial Russia, 1689-1917 (2006) [editor]


Empire. The Russian Empire and its Rivals (2000)


Nicholas II (1993)


The Aristocracy in Europe 1815/1914 (1992)


Russia's Rulers under the Old Regime (1989)


Russia and the Origins of the First World War (1983)