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Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in UN Peace Operations

This is a joint research project, looked at 'Prevention and Accountability of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) in United Nations Peace Operations'. The project was led Dr Ai Kihara-Hunt Associate Professor, the University of Tokyo (Principal Investigator), an expert on the prosecution of crimes committed by UN Peace Operations personnel.  Dr Kihara-Hunt was joined by Dr Marsha Henry Associate Professor, London School of Economics (Co-Investigator.)

The project considered the UN’s internal disciplinary procedures and the implementation of organisational rules and policies. By having these analytical streams, the project will provide a more holistic account of UN SEA prevention and accountability responses, by aiming to examine SEA from a critical gender and peace perspective.

Lead Investigators 



Dr Ai Kihara-Hunt (Principal Investigator)

Dr Kihara-Hunt is the Deputy Director of the Research Center on Sustainable Peace  at the University of Tokyo.

Dr Kihara-Hunt's research interests focus on the rule of law, human rights and the UN peace operations.

Her research interests have been concentrated on analyzing mechanisms in dealing with wrong-doings in UN peace operations. Her recent research focusses on criminal and disciplinary accountability of the UN Police personnel. 

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Dr Marsha Henry (Co-Investigator) 

Dr Henry is Interim Director of the Centre for Women, Peace and Security and Associate Professor at the Department of Gender Studies. Visit the Centre's People page for further information.






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