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In its first year, TII ran 25 events and workshops. These included executive training sessions, Open Door, Open City webinars and business seminars. In this year, TII has provided executive training to more than 500 business leaders. TII events have now reached more than 28,000 viewers. To stay in the loop of what is going on subscribe to our newsletter

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Major Events

The Productivity Puzzle: can diversity and inclusion unlock the key to growth?

Public Lecture Program Event, 27 February 2023 at 1pm

Weak productivity in Britain is an acute problem. Explanations have included insufficient necessary skills, an overinvestment in unnecessary skills at the university level, capital shallowing and too little creative destruction. In this webinar we explore a different explanation.

We ask whether a failure to recruit and operationalise diverse talent is an underlying root cause of slow growth. Join Grace Lordan where she will be discussing with a panel of experts the theory and evidence behind the diversity and productivity link. 

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Open Door, Open City webinar series

Open Door Open City is a webinar series from The Inclusion Initiative at the LSE hosted by Karina Robinson. In each webinar, Karina typically interviews a single guest - often leaders of business in London—on the benefits of bringing behavioural science and data science together to create more inclusive cultures at the organisation level.

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Past events


civil rights

Civil Rights in the Changing World

Public Lecture Program Event on 10 November 2022

Catch up on this event where the speakers discussed the change in human rights policies overtime and the impact of these changes on the workforce. This is a time where the rights of all protected groups are being eroded – to note just two examples, the overturning of Roe vs Wade and the cancellation of the UK’s Safe to be Me landmark LGBT+ summit after an uproar over changes to the planned conversion therapy ban. What can civil society do to fight back against what appears to be an inexorable tide?

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EGI Team Pic

Exhibition on educating future leaders  
October 24th 2022, LSE Marshall Building

This exhibition explores how innovative practices in partnership with students, policy makers, and business leaders can prepare students to become the leaders we need to face today’s global challenges. It is an opportunity to enjoy our exhibition highlighting how an LSE education creates the leaders of tomorrow. The work of The Inclusion Initiative is displayed. 

This Exhibition is still available for viewing

VK with Badge and TLMA

Karina Robinson in conversation with Lord Mayor, Alderman Vincent Keaveny

Open Door, Open city session on October 14 2022

Vincent Keaveny is the 693rd Lord Mayor of the City of London. He is currently a member of the Policy & Resources Committee and the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Sub-Committee. He is also a Governor of the City of London School. Vincent is Co-Chair of the HMT & BEIS Socio-Economic Diversity Taskforce.

During his discussion with Karina Robinson he discussed his work on the Socio-Economic Diversity Taskforce, the challenges of dealing with the cost of living crisis and the importance of equality, diversity and inclusivity in the city of London.

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IWF Event

International Women’s Forum UK (IWF UK) Autumn Reception hosted by The Inclusion Initiative (TII)

LSE’s Alumni Theatre on October 6 2021

Over 80 members and guests of IWF UK attended a conversation hosted by Dr Grace Lordan and Marty Rolle (Chair, IWF UK) at the LSE’s Alumni Theatre. The panellists, Tosin Akinluyi (Managing Director, Morgan Stanley), Dame Inga Beale (Chair, Medicline International), Belton Flournoy (Director, Proviti) and Johannes P Huth (Partner, KKR), discussed key concepts and issues faced by leaders who aim to create more inclusive and productive organisations.

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D Pink

The Power of Regret

Public Lecture Program Event on September 15 2022

Usually people avoid dwelling on their regrets. In his latest book, which he discussed during this event, Dan Pink points to regrets as a beacon of our individuality that can be leveraged for better decision making and to understand our core values. Join Grace Lordan where she spoke to Dan Pink to understand more about the true value in understanding regret and using it to our advantage.

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Threats to the Women's Rights Movement: a conversation with Ann Olivarius

Public Lecture Program Event on June 29 2022

Ann Olivarius is a pioneer of the women’s rights movement, instigating change politically, legally, and in the workplace, creating a world where women are safer and more equal in the UK and the USA. She is a trailblazing feminist lawyer who has made tackling sexual harassment and discrimination her life's work. Join Grace Lordan in her conversation with Ann Olivarius as they look back on the progress that women have made over the last 50 years.

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J Hoggett

Karina Robinson in conversation with Julia Hoggett

Event hosted by TII on 16 June 2022

During this event they will discuss Julia’s role in advocating for the rights of women, LGBTQ+ people and minorities in the workplace. Julia will also talk about being the first ‘out’ gay CEO of the iconic LSE, why she is not afraid to insist that City executives and non-executives should be paid more, and why the UK should fall back in love with financial markets.

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Jasmine Virhia

How to Future Proof Your Career
LSE Festival Event on June 13 2022

The world of work is being shaped by the Great Resignation, technology changes and varying policies around hybrid working. But what does this all mean for skills? What skill-set should you hone to be a future leader? What skills should you acquire to be in demand on the labour market? Do we all need to be tech savvy? And what are the skills that will allow a person be in demand in the labour market a decade from now.

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dr lordan

Measuring the 'S' in ESG

Public Lecture Program Event on June 6 2022

As investor interest in ESG (environmental, social, governance) grows, we considered what components of “S” should be prioritised and measured, delving into how the sector could evolve as “S” measurement becomes more sophisticated. 

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SO Logo

 Inclusion of Global Talent

Event hosted by The Inclusion Iniatiative and Special Olympics on 5 May 2022

This discussion included The Inclusion Initiative in collaboration with the movement of Special Olympics for a panel discussion with Special Olympics Athlete Leaders. During the event, the panellists discussed the current work of Special Olympics in support of individuals with intellectual disabilities, on and off the playing field.

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Elizabeth Ny

Celebrating Extra-Ordinary Women this International Women's Day 

Event hosted by TII on 8 March 2022

In this special event to celebrate International Women’s Day Dr Christine Chow was in conversation with Elizabeth Nyamayaro about her outstanding leadership in launching one of the world's largest global solidarity movements for gender equality, HeForShe, in addition to her work in the UN and her best-selling book I am a Girl From Africa. 

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Lutfey Siddiqi

Inclusion in Global Markets

Event hosted by TII on 24 Nov 2021

This event discussed the idea of a global inclusion framework for firms with an all star panel including Dawid Konotey Ahulu, Ida Liu, Beatriz Martin, Philip Fernandez, Lutfey Sidiqqi and Dr Grace Lordan.The event marked the launch of the inclusion framework - a new behavioural science based framework to create inclusive global organisations.

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Simona Paravani-Mellinghoff

Karina Robinson in conversation with Simona Paravani-Mellinghoff

Event hosted by TII on 27 September 2021

Simona Paravani-Mellinghoff, Managing Director, is the Global Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Solutions, Multi-Asset Strategies & Solutions (MASS) at BlackRock.  The MASS team is the investment group at the heart of BlackRock's portfolio construction, asset allocation, and active management ecosystem.

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Mary Ann Sieghart

The Authority Gap

Hosted by The Inclusion Initiative on 13 September, 2021

At this event, Mary Ann Sieghart talked about her new book The Authority Gap, chaired by Grace Lordan, Director of The Inclusion Initiative.

The Authority Gap provides a perspective on the unseen bias at work in our everyday lives, to reveal the scale of the gap that still persists between men and women. Marshalling a wealth of data, and including interviews with pioneering women such as Baroness Hale, Mary Beard and Bernadine Evaristo, this is a fresh feminist take on how to address and counteract systemic sexism in ways that benefit us all.

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Celebrating Pride: the behavioural science behind the inclusive social movement

Hosted by The Inclusion Initiative on 9 September 2021

Celebrate and reflect on the success of the Pride movement through a behavioural science lens. Grace Lordan, Director of The Inclusion Initiative chaired this event and was joined by a cross-industry expert panel.

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Georgia Dawson

Karina Robinson in conversation with Georgia Dawson

Event hosted by TII on 9 June 2021

In this Open Door, Open City webinar Karina Robinson interviews Georgia Dawson about her priorities as the first female Senior Partner of a Magic Circle law firm, why their strategy of build rather than buy in the US has paid off massively and how to build a more diverse firm amidst the post-pandemic work revolution. 

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Esther Odejimi-Uzokwe

Karina Robinson in conversation with Esther Odejimi-Uzokwe

Event hosted by TII on 5 May 2021

In this Open Door, Open City webinar Karina Robinson interviews Esther Odejimi-Uzokwe. From Lady Macbeth to Managing Director of 10,000 Black Interns, from Goldman Sachs to social activism, Esther Odejemi-Uzokwe inspires and challenges.

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Shellye Archambeau

Karina Robinson in conversation with Shellye Archambeau

Hosted by TII on Wednesday 21 April 2021

In this Open Door, Open City webinar in partnership with BroadMinded, Co-Director of TII Karina Robinson interviews Silicon Valley Black entrepreneur Shellye Archambeau. The former CEO of MetricStream, IBM’er and now board member at Verizon, talks us through lessons learned in her autobiography, Unapologetically Ambitious.

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Richard Nesbitt

The Technological Revolution in Financial Services

Hosted by the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, on 19 April 2021

Speakers: Professor Michael R. King, Richard Nesbitt. Ghela Boskovich
Discussants: Vineet Malhotra, Brenda Trenowden
Chair: Baroness Shafik

A panel discussion on The Technological Revolution in Financial Services: How Banks, Fintechs and Customers Win Together, edited by Michael R. King and Richard W. Nesbitt.

Watch the video here.



Think Big

Hosted by the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, on 25 March 2021

In this event, Paul Dolan was in conversation with Grace Lordan about her new book, "Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want". Drawing on cutting-edge research from behavioural science, Grace offered immediate actionable solutions and tips that will help you get closer to your dream future.
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LSE Festival 2021

What Work Disappeared? COVID-19 and Labour Market Outcomes for the Under 25s

Hosted by LSE Festival: Shaping the Post-COVID World, on 3 March 2021

Research has shown a widening gap in the likelihood of young people being in employment, particularly in banking, finance and insurance, and public administration, education and health. Teresa Almeida and Ganga Shreedhar discuss the need for more inclusive labour market policies to create opportunities for younger workers to counter the adverse, long-term impacts of COVID-19.  

Speakers: Teresa Almeida, Dr Ganga Shreedhar

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LSE Festival 2021

How Can Policy Makers Use Behavioural Science?

An LSE Festival Event, on 2 March 2021

Speakers: Teresa Almeida, Professor Paul Dolan, Professor Julian Le Grand, Dr Grace Lordan
Chair: Professor Tony Travers

What specific societal behaviours should policy makers want to shape as we move forward in a post-COVID world?  

We analyse what behavioural science research has added to the policy debate on COVID-19 so far, and what questions have been overlooked.

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open door open city podcast series

Open Door, Open City webinar series

Karina Robinson in conversation with Tom Ilube CBE

Event hosted by TII in association with The Entrepreneurs Network, on 17 February 2021

Tom Ilube CBE (@tomilube) is CEO and founder of London based Crossword Cybersecurity plc, a Non Executive Director of the BBC and a Non Executive Director of FTSE100 company WPP, the world’s largest advertising group. Previously he was Managing Director of Consumer Markets at Callcredit Information Group, founder/CEO of Garlik, a venture capital-backed identity protection company, sold to Experian and Chief Information Officer of Egg plc, the pioneering British internet bank. 

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shaping the post covid world

Let's Talk Careers in a Post-COVID World

Hosted by the Department of Psychological & Behavioural Science on 16 February 2021

Speakers: Dorie Clark, Dowshan Humzah, Proffessor Connson Locke, Simon Ong, Helen Tupper
Chair: Dr Grace Lordan

The impacts of COVID-19 on career prospects will differ across individuals. In this session we discuss the groups of people who have advanced and those who have been left behind during the pandemic, along with discussing how those who have been left behind can adapt in a post pandemic world.

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open door open city podcast series

Open Door, Open City webinar series

Karina Robinson in conversation with Alderman Timothy Hailes

Event hosted by TII on 26 January 2021

Timothy Hailes FKC (@HailesTim) is a multi-award-winning international capital markets lawyer with over 25 years’ experience in derivatives, securities and wholesale markets. He is an Alderman of The City of London and served as Sheriff in 2017/18 - making him eligible for election as Lord Mayor of the City of London, the international ambassador for the UK's financial and professional services sector. 
Tim is currently Group General Counsel and Company Secretary of Five Islands Capital Limited a specialist FinTech company focused on payments, trading and capital markets.

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Paul Dolan

A Decade of Behavioural Science at LSE

Event Hosted by the Department of Psychological & Behavioural Science on 20 January 2021

Speaker: Professor Paul Dolan
Chair: Dr Grace Lordan

Paul Dolan reflects on ten years of behavioural science at LSE, discussing biases, narratives, happiness, resilience and more. We summarise the learnings from behavioural science in the last 10 years, drawing from research from LSE and beyond. We also  look to the future, mapping out the most important and exciting areas of study. 

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Watch the video here


open door open city podcast series

Open Door, Open City webinar series

Karina Robinson in conversation with Vivienne Artz

Event hosted by TII on 11 December 2020

Vivienne Artz (@VivienneArtz) is the Chief Privacy Officer at Refinitiv, leading the global Privacy Office and overseeing global privacy strategy and practice.
Previously, Vivienne was a Managing Director and Global Head of Privacy Legal and Head of International for the Intellectual Property and Technology Law Group at Citi. Prior to joining Citi in 2000, Vivienne worked in private practice in London.
Vivienne placed in the top 20 Executive Women Role Models in the HERoes List 2020, was awarded “Woman Solicitor of the Year” in the Law Society Excellence Awards in 2020, and has many years of experience leading a broad range of diversity initiatives and groups both within firms and across sectors.

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open door open city podcast series

Open Door, Open City webinar series

Karina Robinson in conversation with Dr Alice Maynard 

Event hosted by the TII on 7 December 2020

Dr Alice Maynard is Director of Future Inclusion, working across sectors increasing inclusion through improved leadership and governance.

Alice is a Non-Executive Director on the Boards of the Financial Conduct Authority, HMRC and Transport for London. She has been a member of the expert challenge panel for the Williams Rail Review, the Committee on Fuel Poverty and the Human Genetics Commission, and she chaired a NICE guideline committee on improving the experience of adult social care users.
She has worked in the field of diversity and inclusion for 30 years and now coaches senior leaders in inclusive leadership alongside her Board and advisory roles.

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shaping the post covid world

The Value of Inclusion for a Post-COVID-19 World

Event Hosted by the Inclusion Initiative and the Department of Psychological & Behavioural Science on 25 November 2020

Speakers: Ann Cairns, Ruth Cairnie, Wanda Hope, Lance Uggla, Nate Yohannes
Chair: Dr Grace Lordan

The impacts of COVID-19 within firms include cost-cutting, a move towards virtual working for many workers and the pivoting of business objectives. These impacts of COVID-19 have the potential to erode the gains to inclusive culture that have been made within many firms over the last decade as focus is placed elsewhere. This is at a time when the benefits to having an inclusive culture have never been more needed. In this webinar we bring insights from the academic literature to a panel of diverse leaders and ask them what these insights mean for them in practice.

Listen to the podcast here


open door open city podcast series

Open Door, Open City webinar series

Karina Robinson in conversation with Lord Karan Bilimoria

Event hosted by the TII on 24 November 2020

Lord Karan Bilimoria CBE, DL (@Lord_Bilimoria) is the founder of Cobra Beer, Chairman of the Cobra Beer Partnership Limited, a Joint Venture with Molson Coors, and Chairman of Molson Coors Cobra India. In the Monde Selection, one of the most prestigious quality awards in the world for beer, the Cobra range have collectively been awarded a total of 110 Gold medals since 2001, making it one of the most awarded beers in the world. Lord Bilimoria is the Founding Chairman of the UK India Business Council, a Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London, a former Chancellor of Thames Valley University (now the University of West London); he was the youngest University Chancellor in the UK when appointed. 

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risk landscape

Risk Landscape: Review 2020 & Preview 2021

Hosted by Systematic Risk Centre and NUS Risk Management Institute on 23 November 2020

Speakers: Jon Danielsson (SRC/LSE), Peter Giger (Zurich Insurance), Mohit Joshi (Infosys), Grace Lordan (LSE Inclusion Initiative), Sneha Sanghvi (Westpac Banking Corporation)
Chair: Lutfey Siddiqi (LSE & NUS RMI)

Featuring C-suite and senior risk practitioners along with LSE’s Jon Danielsson and Grace Lordan, this panel will take stock of the risk management challenges of 2020 and lessons learnt for the future. Are we framing and approaching risk in the right manner? What has worked and what has not in 2020? What are the practical challenges where the rubber hits the road, and what can academia help with?

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shaping the post covid world

Behavioural Science and a Post-COVID World | LSE Online Event

Held on 4 November 2020

Speakers: Professor Nick Chater,Professor Paul Dolan, Dr Grace Lordan, Professor Tali Sharot, Rory Sutherland

Professor Simon Hix chaired a discussion with Professor Paul Dolan, Professor Nick Chater, Dr Grace Lordan, Professor Tali Sharot and Rori Sutherland on the key behavioural insights we can learn from COVID-19 policy responses, and how these could shape future ones for the LSE Shaping the post-Covid World initiative.

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lse festival event

Using Behavioural Science for Inclusion in the City

Event hosted by LSE Festival: Shape the World on 5 March 2020

A panel discussion on ‘Inclusion in the City’, a report that gives practical insights from behavioural science research to the problems and solutions posed by people who understand the financial and services industry the best: its own talent. 

This event also announced The Inclusion Initiative at LSE.

Speakers: Dr Grace Lordan, Karina Robinson, Brenda Trenowden, Irshaad Ahmad, Richard Nesbitt, Teresa Parker.

Listen to the podcast here