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As one of the leading social science universities in the world we bring a research and teaching expertise honed over a period of over 125 years to the programmes we teach around the world. The LSE has always had an international focus even when most Universities were primarily concerned with national priorities and students. Our working relationship with Teaching Centres is simply a further element of that international focus.

Professor Paul Kelly, Dean, University of London Programmes at LSE

Join a community of over 30 University of London Recognised Teaching Centres, in more than 20 countries who teach the EMFSS programmes with academic direction from the London School of Economics and Political Science. With over 11,000 students studying EMFSS programmes globally, you can become a member of this elite network of excellence in academic delivery.

Our Recognised Teaching Centres are responsible for delivering course content to students locally, with resources produced by top LSE academics, and providing the key components of an enriching campus experience and student peer groups. Teaching Centres work closely with the LSE, which provides academic direction, and the University of London which acts as the degree-awarding body.

We guide prospective Teaching Centres through an extensive standards and onboarding process. This ensures all new Teaching Centres can meet and uphold the academic rigour for which the programmes are  known and respected for and provide appropriate support to their students. This process maintains the important contribution that EMFSS programmes make towards LSE’s mission by extending our international reach and educating for truly global impact.

How does the collaboration work? 

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What support will you receive? 

As an EMFSS Recognised Teaching Centre, you and your students will be able to access a wide range of support from both the LSE and the University of London: 

  • Student learning materials informed by cutting-edge LSE research
  • Student and Teaching Centre-focused resources, via our Virtual Learning Environment
  • Exam commentaries for students provided by LSE examiners
  • Access to a global peer network of existing Teaching Centres at our Annual LSE Open House in London and through online forums
  • Academic support from LSE faculty for students and teaching staff
  • Revision webinars for students run by LSE faculty
  • Scope to arrange faculty visits
  • Dedicated relationship managers at LSE and the University of London
  • University of London induction introducing the recruitment, admission and exam process
  • Marketing resources
  • Annual LSE Open House and University of London Symposium in London

Explore our existing teaching centres 

We currently work with recognised teaching centres in over 20 countries. Our teaching centres give students the opportunity to complete a University of London qualification while also benefiting from the distinctive campus culture, local teachers and support network of their chosen centre of study.

Explore this interactive map to see our current teaching centre partners, where they are located around the world, and the programmes they offer: 

For the best experience, open this map in a new window.

Get in touch 

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a recognised local teaching centre, please get in touch:  
Email: EMFSS.teachingcentres@lse.ac.uk