Teaching Centre FAQs


On your programmes, will I be a student of the London School of Economics, University of London, the Recognised Local Teaching Centre or all three?

Answer: You will attend classes at a local Recognised Teaching Centre and be taught by qualified tutors there. Academic direction is by LSE (‘academic direction’ includes the design of the programme, programme materials and the content and grading of your final exams).

When you pass your programme, you will receive a qualification and certificate from the University of London, which states that academic direction was provided by the LSE, and you will be an alumna/alumnus of the University of London. 

Am I eligible to study?

Answer: To study with us you must satisfy our General Entrance Requirements. Some programmes also have additional requirements, which you should check by looking at the individual programme page on the University of London website. 

For a quick overview please visit our entry requirements page. 

How do I apply?

Answer: Apply online on the University of London website. The online application form is found on the web page for each programme. You are also advised to read the guidance notes for online applications.

If you are applying to enrol with a Recognised Teaching Centre, you must also identify a centre which offers your chosen programme: view the locations using our interactive map. The teaching centre will provide you with a code you need to complete your application with the University of London

When can I enrol on a programme?

Answer: If you are applying to enrol with a Recognised Teaching Centre, applications are accepted annually.

Find out more about application deadlines.

Can I transfer to a different EMFSS programme after I enrol?

Answer: You might consider changing to another EMFSS programme of study if you find that your interests have changed. It is sometimes possible to change programmes directly with your teaching centre provided that the teaching centre offers the programme you wish to change to. 

Should you decide to change to another programme of study, you should check with your local teaching centre and the registry office of the University of London of the programme you wish to be registered for. It is possible to transfer between programmes at certain times each year, subject to compliance with the Programme Regulations.

If you wish to change teaching centres during your studies you will need to contact the registry office of the University of London to make sure this is possible. 

Current students should look at their Student Handbook and Degree Regulations for further information. 

I can’t find my qualification on your website. Is there a list of equivalents?

Answer: Yes, please see this list of qualifications we accept and their equivalents.

If your qualification is not on the list, please contact the University of London admissions team for advice.

English isn’t my first language. Can I still study a University of London programme?

Answer: Yes, but we might require further evidence from you to confirm your proficiency. You can find out more about the language requirements, accepted awards and proficiency tests on the University of London website language requirements page. 

Can I get a scholarship, bursary, loan or other financial help to study with you?

Answer: Yes, there is a range of financial support available depending on your teaching centre. Please refer to individual teaching centres for more information.

To find your local teaching centre and how to contact them, use our interactive map.

How can I get involved with LSE and the wider University of London network during my studies?

Answer: There are several ways you can make the most of your programme’s affiliation with LSE during your studies.

EMFSS students are welcome to apply to attend LSE Summer School to experience life on campus and earn credits towards their University of London qualification. EMFSS students are entitled to claim a 15% discount on their Summer School fees. 

Students who have completed the equivalent of at least four full courses on their University of London EMFSS degree programme are also able to apply for admission to the LSE General Course, which allows students from overseas universities to spend a full academic year at LSE and claim credit for the successful completion of relevant courses. 

EMFSS students are welcome to apply to the second year of entry of a relevant degree at LSE. EMFSS students should bear in mind that transfer is not automatic and is highly competitive given that LSE is restricted to numbers for both first and second year entries.