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Completing an Economics, Management, Finance and Social Science (EMFSS) programme through a local Recognised Teaching Centre means that your student experience will be unique, offering you an opportunity to benefit from dedicated teaching staff and support in your local area. 

Our students come from all over the world and go on to work at industry-leading and Fortune 500 companies, or pursue further studies in the UK and abroad. Find out more about their unique student experience and why they chose to complete an EMFSS programme.  

Hear from our students on their student experience

Raimbek Zhalgasbay

Raimbek Zhalgasbay
BSc Finance and Economics, Kazakh-British Technical University, Kazakhstan

Completed MSc Finance and Private Equity at LSE and now works at a London-based consultancy firm

“My LSE directed UoL degree allowed me to embrace my love of economics, supported by high-quality teaching.”


Rhea Sahajwani

Rhea Sahajwani
BSc Economics and Finance, Podar World College, India

EMFSS student ambassador, planning to study an international Master’s degree

“The resources provided and the excellent standard of teaching, I believe, have prepared us for our future careers in the real world.”


Aleksa Antic

Aleksa Antić 
BSc Economics and Finance, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics, Serbia

Currently studying MSc at Imperial College London

This programme helped me to develop my knowledge and skills as well as foster incredible friendships along the way. I believe that the EMFSS programmes truly prepare individuals to succeed in life.”


Fathima Hafsa Haniffa

Fathima Hafsa Haniffa
BSc Mathematics and Economics, Royal Institute of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Currently studying MSc Economics and Philosophy at LSE

“The EMFSS programmes provide a strong educational foundation that makes the transition from being a graduate to studying at postgraduate level extremely smooth.”


Hazem Ashraf Ghazal

 Hazem Ashraf Ghazal
BSc Banking and Finance, Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Egypt

Budget and Finance specialist, World Health Organisation (WHO)

“The EMFSS Programmes helped me secure internships at the best companies in the field of Financial Services with its prestigious reputation.”


Tomiris Mukhamedgaliyeva

Tomiris Mukhamedgaliyeva
BSc Data Science and Business Analytics, Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore 

Software engineer at an education academy, Kazakhstan

“The EMFSS programmes taught me everything I need to excel in my chosen career."


Alejandro Jose Otero

Alejandro Jose Otero
BSc Economics, Universidad Privada Boliviana

EMFSS student ambassador

“The EMFSS degree opens doors because so many significant people from across recent history have studied at LSE.”




EMFSS programmes are all University of London qualifications. A degree from the University of London is recognised around the world and represents a tremendous personal achievement. 

University of London graduates are invited to attend a ceremony in London. On graduation, you will join a diverse, international community of influential University of London alumni, from leaders in business and industry to Nobel Prize winners.

EMFSS students and their families are also invited to meet with LSE staff and academics at the LSE on the night before the graduation.

What defines an EMFSS Degree? What defines an EMFSS Degree?
EMFSS students talk about their EMFSS degree experience


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