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Fees and funding

GO LSE participants are not required to pay any tuition fee to their host institution. A tuition fee remains payable to LSE, but this is significantly reduced during the year abroad.  

Home and Home/EU students

Students with 'Home' or ‘Home/EU’ fee status who participate in a year abroad exchange scheme will be charged £1,385.00 for the exchange year.  This figure is quoted from LSE's table of fees

'Overseas' students

Students with 'Overseas' fee status will be charged 50 per cent of the 'Home' undergraduate fee for the year in which they undertake their exchange year up to and including the 2024/25 academic year.

PLEASE NOTE: Change in fees for overseas students going abroad from 2025/26 onwards

Please note that the fee structure for Overseas Undergraduates taking an exchange/study abroad year in 2025/26 will change.

All overseas GO LSE students who started their studies at LSE in 2023/24 or later and who will be going abroad from 2025/26  or later will pay the full-time fee of whichever programme they are taking as normal. (The fee for Home students will remain at £1,385).

Financial Support

Student Finance England

If you are a UK student receiving support from Student Finance, you will continue to be eligible for support for your year abroad but will need to notify Student Finance of your exchange year. 

Students who are permanently resident in the UK and who receive funding through Student Finance England are eligible to request additional financial support to cover some of their travel expenses. The amount you will be eligible to receive depends on your household income. The money does not need to be repaid.  

You can apply for funding for up to three return journeys between your home and your host institution, as well as costs relating to essential travel expenses (including medical insurance and visa applications).  

Visit the Student Finance travel grants webpage for further details. 

LSE Bursaries

If you are a UK/EU student in receipt of an LSE Bursary, your award will be renewed at its current rate for your year abroad (subject to assessment by the Financial Support Office). This does not include LSE scholarships.

International loans and scholarships

International students who have loans or scholarships from their home countries will need to check with their lenders/sponsors whether funding can be extended to their exchange year. LSE can help with providing official documentation to confirm that students will be participating in a recognised exchange. 

BUTEX Scholarships

BUTEX offers a number of scholarships for undergraduate students who are undertaking study abroad programmes. 

The value of each scholarship is £500 and will be paid once you have arrived and registered at your host institution. Payment will be made to a UK bank account. 

More information, including how to apply, can be found on the BUTEX website

Turing Scheme

In 2022/23 the School made a successful bid for 2023/24 funding from the UK government’s Turing Scheme.

We have secured financial support for LSE students studying abroad. The awarded fund was less than what the School bid for as such, the focus of the funding distribution is on assisting undergraduate students with particular emphasis on those in receipt of an LSE Bursary.   

The UK government is still to announce whether further Turing Scheme funding will be available in 2024/25.

Cost of living

The cost of living varies depending on your exchange destination. For more information on estimated costs of living, please see individual destination pages. Please note that for visa purposes you may need to prove that you have access to sufficient funds to cover your cost of living whilst abroad.