Turing Scheme Funding

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Turing Scheme?

The Turing Scheme is the UK Government’s global mobility programme. It provides funding to enable students to study and work abroad, allowing them to develop new skills; gain international experience; boost their employability; gain a better understanding of different cultures, and improve upon or learn to speak a new language.

Has LSE secured Turing Scheme funding for 2023-24?

LSE has secured some funding from the Turing Scheme for the 2023-24 academic year, although less than it bid for.

Is funding from the Turing Scheme a loan and do recipients have to repay it?

No, Turing Scheme funding is not a loan. It is a grant that recipients do not have to pay back. Recipients will, however, be required to repay any overpaid grant if their period of study abroad is not completed as planned.


Turing Scheme funding is available to undergraduates participating in any of LSE’s study abroad programmes, either through GO LSE, the Department of Anthropology, the Language Centre or the Department of Management.

Eligible applicants for Turing Scheme funding in 2023-24 must have been:

• registered as a student at LSE and enrolled in studies leading to a degree;

• be aged 18+ when they began their period of study abroad;

• studying abroad for between four weeks and 12 months;

• be studying abroad between 1 st September 2023 and 31st August 2024 (any dates outside this window are not eligible for Turing Scheme funding).

What if part of my study abroad occurs outside the eligible period?

If part of your study abroad takes place outside the eligible period only the study completed within the eligible period will be considered. In addition, study abroad within the eligible period must be at least four weeks long.

Are recipients of Erasmus+ funding eligible for Turing Scheme funding?

No, students who are already in receipt of Erasmus+ funding are not eligible for Turing Scheme funding. The Turing Scheme precludes recipients from receiving double funding for the same period of study abroad.

How much money could I receive?

For study abroad lasting over nine weeks, successful applicants are eligible to receive a cost-of-living grant equal to:

• £380 per month (for Group 1 destinations)

• £335 per month (for Group 2 and 3 destinations) 

Students who meet the disadvantaged background uplift are eligible to receive a supplement of £110 per month. For more information about destination groups and grant rates please see the Turing Scheme website.

If I am eligible to apply, will I definitely receive Turing Scheme funding?

No. Turing Scheme funding is limited and is NOT guaranteed. Whilst a student may be eligible to apply for funding, this does not mean their application will be successful. Applicants should not count on receiving Turing Scheme funding when budgeting for a period of study abroad.


How do I apply?

Eligible students will be emailed directly by the Global Opportunities (GO) LSE team in August 2023.

If my application for Turing Scheme funding is successful, when will I receive the money?

Payments to successful applicants will be made as soon as possible after all the required paperwork has been received but will not be immediate.

Will I be required to submit any documents in order to receive Turing Scheme funding?

Yes, recipients are required to submit some necessary paperwork to the GO LSE team before Turing Scheme funding can be released. The GO LSE Team will communicate with successful applicants directly regarding the required paperwork. 

Turing paperwork to complete/submit at the start of the mobility in order to receive initial 80% grant

  • Turing Grant Agreement
  • Participant Learning Agreement
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Proof of LSE Travel insurance
  • Pre-departure and post-arrival survey


Turing documents to complete towards the end of your mobility in order to receive final 20% grant:


      • Confirmation of Grant Payment – 80%
      • Transcript of records (copy)
      • Turing End-of-Mobility Survey  

    Additional document to submit after receipt of final 20% grant payment:

      1. Confirmation of Grant Payment – 20%
      2. Transcript of records from host institution

How will the money be paid?

LSE pays Turing Scheme funding in pounds sterling (£) directly into the recipient’s UK bank account. The recipient must have uploaded their UK bank account details into the LSE OneFinance hub before travelling abroad.

Recipients receive their funding in two instalments, an initial 80% and a final 20%. The latter is paid at the conclusion of their time studying abroad.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact the GO LSE team at ard.outbound@lse.ac.uk

Contact us:


+44 (0) 20 7955 7131






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