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How to apply


The application process for GO LSE exchanges is open to all second-year undergraduate students. The number of places available is limited so the process is competitive and conducted in two-stages. Interested students first complete LSE's own application, details of which are provided below. Subsequently, the applicants selected by LSE must then apply to, and be accepted by, the host institution before their place on a GO LSE exchange programme is confirmed. 

Study Abroad Information Session: Before completing the GO LSE undergraduate study abroad application form, students must attend the Outbound GO LSE Study Abroad Information Session which takes place in October to gain more information about the application process.

CIVICA Engage Track: Students accepted into the CIVICA Engage Track programme must first undergo a separate CIVICA selection process prior to completing the GO LSE undergraduate study abroad application form.

For any questions, please email civica@lse.ac.uk

The GO LSE application for 2024/25 has now closed. Applications for 2025/26 will open from 1 - 15 November 2024.

Assessing your suitability to study abroad

Before applying, you must discuss your application to study abroad with your academic department (i.e. Academic Mentor, Head of Department) and ensure that they have agreed to your participation.

Note: If your academic department have questions about GO LSE study abroad that you are unable to answer, you should ask them to contact the GO LSE team at ard.outbound@lse.ac.uk.

Your application will be assessed by an LSE panel. The panel is looking for candidates who, among other attributes, have considered, and can identify the positive benefits of study abroad for themselves, LSE and the wider society. The panel is also seeking applicants who will represent the School to the best of their ability during their time abroad.


Applicants must be in their second year and must return to LSE after the year abroad to complete their degree. 

To be eligible for consideration, you must have an overall average of 60% or above from all of your first year courses. Applicants with individual module scores under 60% will be considered, as long as the overall average grade is 60% or above. Generally we require applicants to have passed all of their first year exams. 

As part of your application, you must provide your marks from your first year modules at LSE and the name and contact details of one academic referee. Your referee can be any academic member of staff from your department at LSE.

We are particularly keen to receive applications from disadvantaged backgrounds, Widening Participation students and LSE Bursary recipients.

Destination preferences

Applicants can be considered for a place at one of our partner institutions. The application form asks you to select your first and second choice destination.

Note: You are not required to select a second-choice institution but you may be considered for a place there if it receives an insufficient number of acceptable first-choice applications.

Whilst every effort will be made to place successful applicants at their first choice institution the limited number of places available means this may not always be possible.


You must include the name and contact details of one academic referee in support of your application to the GO LSE exchange. Your referee can be any academic member of staff from your department who has taught you, or your academic mentor.

Your referee will be contacted only if you are shortlisted but we recommend speaking with them prior to submitting your application. Shortlisted applicants and their referees will be notified before the Christmas closure.


After submitting your application


  • After the application deadline, applicants will be shortlisted internally by an LSE panel. Applications will be assessed holistically and shortlisted applicants will be notified by Mid December 2024.
  • Academic referees will be contacted directly by the GO LSE team and invited to provide their reference in support of the shortlisted applicants.

Final outcome

An LSE panel will meet to assess shortlisted applications. All shortlisted applicants will be notified of the final outcome by the end of January 2025.

Successful candidates shall be informed where they have been allocated including information about the next steps. They will be invited at this point to accept their nomination by completing the 'Nomination Acceptance Form' which includes a sign-up to the LSE Study Abroad Student Code of Conduct. Nominations must be accepted within one week from the date of notification. Failure to do so will result in the offer being withdrawn and the place awarded to a waitlisted applicant.

The GO LSE team will work with successful candidates in the proceeding weeks and months to help them submit their application to the host institution and prepare them for the study exchange.