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LSE Travel Fund


The LSE Travel Fund contributes towards the cost of standard rail or coach travel to and from the LSE campus for eligible prospective undergraduate students attending one of the following on-campus events:

If you are currently studying at a UK state school or college or in receipt of an independent school bursary and living more than 50 miles away from the LSE campus, you may be eligible to apply for the LSE Travel Fund. Please see our eligibility criteria below. 

Eligibility criteria

The LSE Travel Fund is available to prospective undergraduate students in the UK currently studying at a state school/college or in receipt of an independent school bursary and living more than 50 miles away from the LSE campus who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Live in an area of low progression to higher education. This is determined by home postcode, which must be in POLAR4 quintile 1 or 2.

    Check your postcode (selecting MSOA) to see if you have ‘Quintile 1’ or ‘Quintile 2’ next to POLAR4 in the table. More information about POLAR.
  • Live in an area of deprivation as defined by the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD), which must be in IMD quintile 1 or 2 (deciles 1-4) or regional equivalent*.

    Check your postcode in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.      
  • Looked after children/have been in local authority care
  • Eligible for free school meals and/or pupil premium in the last 6 years
  • Have a disability or specific learning difficulty **

* Ranks 1-356 in Northern Ireland IMD
  Overall Decile 1 or 2 in Scotland
  Ranks 1-764 in Wales IMD 

** Have a disability or specific learning difficulty as defined by UCAS:

  • You have a social/communication impairment such as Asperger's syndrome/other autistic spectrum disorder
  • You are blind or have a serious visual impairment uncorrected by glasses
  • You are deaf or have a serious hearing impairment
  • You have a long standing illness or health condition such as cancer, HIV, diabetes, chronic heart disease, or epilepsy
  • You have a mental health condition, such as depression, schizophrenia or anxiety disorder
  • You have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or AD(H)D
  •  You have physical impairment or mobility issues, such as difficulty using your arms or using a wheelchair or crutches
  • You have a disability, impairment or medical condition that is not listed above
  • You have two or more impairments and/or disabling medical conditions

How much funding is available?

The amount available from the LSE Travel Fund is dependent upon the distance travelled to the School and is calculated by LSE. The amount reimbursed will be based on the distance measured by a straight-line from your home address to LSE, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE using Google Maps (one way) and will be calculated at the following rates:

Distance from LSE

Amount available

Less than 50 miles


50-100 miles

Up to £50

100-150 miles

Up to £100

150 miles +

Up to £150

How do I apply?

If you meet our eligibility criteria (see above), please complete the LSE Travel Fund application.

Existing users (if you have previously applied for or participated in a LSE Student Recruitment or Widening Participation activity e.g. LSE Student Shadowing).
Log in
Click ‘Start a new application’
Select ‘LSE Travel Fund’
Complete the LSE Travel Fund application form

New users
Select Not a member? (create an account)
Click ‘Start a new application’
Select ‘LSE Travel Fund’
Complete the LSE Travel Fund application form. 

You should also retain your travel receipts and submit a copy of them, along with your bank details to after the event. In the application, please provide us with a contact name and email address of a teacher at your current school/college who can provide a supporting statement confirming that you meet the eligibility criteria, if necessary.

Please email Alice Else at if you have any questions about the LSE Travel Fund. 

NOTICE: Please be aware of an issue that has come to our attention regarding applying with a Gmail email address. If you have any issues please use an alternative email address.

LSE Travel Fund conditions

  • Reimbursement is made after the event.
  • Reimbursement is only available for your journey to selected Student Marketing, Recruitment and Study Abroad events at LSE, travelling directly to and from London.
  • Only costs incurred using public transport will be covered. Travel by private car or taxi is not eligible.
  • Your application must be received within 30 days of visiting LSE.
  • The LSE Travel Fund is limited so the School will prioritise applications from prospective students who have not already received funding from the LSE Travel Fund.
  • LSE reserves the right to withdraw or amend the LSE Travel Fund at any time.
  • We are only able to reimburse travel costs for eligible prospective students attending an event, not for guests or relatives accompanying them. 

Contact us

If you have any questions about the LSE Travel Fund or whether you are eligible please contact Alice Else at