Benefits for employers

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We provide experienced working professionals in any industry with a unique combination of intellectual skills, networks and practical abilities.
Executive Master's Programme Director

LSE’s portfolio of executive master's degrees is devised to offer exceptional individual professional development as well as outstanding benefits for the students’ employer. Our executive degrees are designed to study alongside demanding full-time jobs. This way, both the individual and the organisation benefit from the achievement and application of new cutting-edge skills without the need for potentially disruptive career breaks.

The return on investment for the employer at the end of the programme will be a fully developed employee with a unique skill set, and the talent to drive the organisation to new levels of success.

Each LSE executive degree is unique and offers skills and benefits relevant to specific industry sectors – you can learn more by looking at individual programme curricula. In addition there are a number of common ways in which LSE executive degrees benefit employer and sponsor organisations.  


Why choose LSE executive degrees as part of your organisation's professional development offering?

A history of excellence

Founded in 1895 with the purpose of academic engagement with real world issues, LSE enjoys a reputation as one of the world’s best universities in the social sciences. Over 120 years LSE has developed an unrivalled global network of leading minds in government, business and academia in 190 countries across the world.

Immediate impact

Studying whilst working, students can immediately apply their newly gained knowledge, skills and networks in the workplace, contributing to improved effectiveness in teams and organisations. LSE’s executive degrees offer an instant return on investment built on research informed teaching delivered by world-leading faculty in programmes that emphasise the practical application of skills.
Developing talent

Sponsoring students on LSE’s executive degrees signals a strong interest in developing staff within your organisation. Such a commitment to nurture talent will increase motivation, loyalty and in turn strengthen the leadership of your organisation.  

Relevance for your company

All of LSE’s executive degrees offer the opportunity to customise the experience to make it more relevant to the employer’s professional needs. This is usually by designing assessments in a way that allows students to apply it to a challenge faced by their organisation. Some programmes also include substantial project elements while others allow students to choose ‘option’ modules from a range of topics to complement required courses in a way that can benefit employers. Regardless of the specific format there will be frequent opportunities for students to apply their learning to workplace challenges.

Global perspectives and networks

LSE has an outstanding global reputation that is reflected in the diversity of its faculty and students. International cohorts ensure students are exposed to a wide range of professional and regional perspectives which will enhance their employer’s global mobility and reach. In addition, the School attracts the world’s leading thinkers on a wide range of topics to talk at public and programme specific events. This means students on our executive degrees will be exposed to the latest thinking on important issues from around the world.

Students gain access to our global alumni network and retain this access for life, enabling their organisation to benefit from an unrivalled senior leadership network. Sponsoring organisations are often invited to participate in events organised by LSE Careers and can benefit from access to a talented pool of LSE graduates.

Our reputation for rigorous, innovative and intellectually challenging degree programmes is the reason why professionals and senior executives from a diverse range of organisations choose LSE executive degrees.