Support throughout your studies: what's on offer

Alongside receiving financial support, the Uggla Family Scholars Programme will provide comprehensive support, coaching and mentoring throughout the duration of your studies.

This will be through a range of specially designed mentorship and developmental support for Uggla Family Scholars, of which you can find out more on below.

The Programme is built upon 5 core values which are embedded throughout the Programme which will shape Scholars to have the necessary tools and experiences to succeed in their future endeavours and make a positive impact in the social world:

  • Striving for academic excellence
  • Gaining a global perspective
  • Making a difference through civic engagement
  • Learning how to lead inclusivity in society
  • Peer Support

Pre-arrival support

All Uggla Family Scholars will receive resources and activities to help you transition to LSE and the Programme.

Campus tour accordion
Campus tours for incoming Uggla Family Scholars delivered by current Scholars provide a chance for new Scholars to familiarise themselves with the campus and get to know their fellow peers from the Programme.


All Uggla Family Scholars will have guaranteed accommodation in an LSE Halls of Residence throughout the duration of your studies.

Find out more about the range of accommodation options at LSE from LSE Accommodation, including contract types, pricing, 360 virtual tours and more.

Details on how to book accommodation can be found here.

Read our LSE Student Blogs from current LSE students on the different living experiences of LSE students.

LSE Bankside Halls Tour LSE Bankside Halls Tour
LSE Bankside Halls Tour
Halls tour Halls tour
LSE Rosebery Halls Tour from Elli | LSE Student Vlog

Academic mentorship

All Uggla Family Scholars will receive academic mentorship as part of the Uggla Family Scholars Programme.

The programme, in collaboration with The Inclusion Initiative at LSE, will work with each student to create a plan to ensures academic success. Scholars will have access to the Founding Director of The Inclusion Initiative, Dr Grace Lordan.

Grace Lordan is an economist, with her research focused on measuring the benefits of inclusion within and across firms.

Individual coaching plans

During Winter Term, all Uggla Family Scholars will have one-on-one coaching sessions with the Programme Manager or an academic mentor to discuss your academic, professional, and personal goals.

With these conversations, they will work to develop tailored Individual Coaching Plans for your time at LSE.

Workshop and events

All Uggla Family Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and seminars that can provide you with resources to support your journey at LSE and professional experience and skills development for your professional careers.

Uggla Family Scholar Jia Ren shares her experience of attending the workshops and events offered in the Programme.

Uggla Scholarship Project Dinner
Scholarship Recipients Welcome Event in October 2021

Examples of some of the workshops available:

Uggla Scholarship Project Dinner

Scholarship Recipients Welcome Event
Speaker: Uggla Family

Scholars will have the opportunity to meet and network with the Uggla family in an introductory welcome event.

Find out more about Lance Uggla and the Uggla Family here.

Uggla Scholarship Project Dinner

LSE Careers Workshop
Speaker: Elizabeth Darlington, Director of LSE Careers

Scholars will be given an overview of the different resources provided by LSE Careers. You’ll be able to share your aspirations and receive feedback for your professional journey.

Discover more about the resources and support available with LSE Careers.


Civic Engagement Workshop
Speaker: Professor Paul Apostolidis

Scholars will be exposed to several different opportunities for them to participate in civic engagement while at LSE. The speaker will share about CIVICA, volunteer, and research opportunities connected to civic engagement.

Learn more about LSE and CIVICA

Piggy bank

Budgeting & Financial Planning Workshop
Speaker: Uggla Programme Manager

Session on discussing the ways of thinking about budgeting and financial planning while a student at LSE.

LSE Halls

Residential Services
Speaker: Elisabeth Gooby

Uggla Family Scholars are promised support in securing accommodation while at LSE. This session will share all the different options and resources available for Scholars.

Learn more about LSE Accommodation services

Uggla Scholarship Project Dinner

Individual Coaching Plans
Speaker: Uggla Programme Manager

Scholars will be introduced to the Individual Coaching Plans that will be used to support your journey while at LSE and beyond.


Career and professional development

LSE is committed to supporting all LSE students in their career journey, providing ample opportunities for students to develop professionally and to receive support in their career planning.

Scholars are encouraged to engage with LSE Careers and the LSE Career Hub, with LSE Careers providing many tools and resources to support every student’s journey during and after your time at LSE.

All Scholars have access to LSE Career Hub for 5 years following their graduation.

Read our LSE Student Blogs from current LSE students on their experiences of deciding on their career goals and the support available at LSE.

Find out where our LSE students end up after graduating on our ‘What do LSE graduates do?’ page

Alumni buddy scheme

LSE has a thriving alumni community with several alumni networks around the world and locally. Upon completion of your academic programme, you’ll gain access to multiple alumni toolkits that will inform you of all resources available to you, includingthe LSE Library and LSE’s Career Hub as a recent graduate.

Meet our past and current Uggla Family scholars.