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The Department of Government has offered me world-class resources and facilities to enable me to reach my highest potential. Their syllabus is paired with leading academics and a thriving student body. I couldn’t think of a better place to study politics than in its heart here in London.

Max Marlow, BSc History and Politics

Welcome to the Department of Government and congratulations on your offer to study with us. Here you can meet our students and staff virtually and find out more about the Department and your programme. Take your time to browse through the information and follow the links to our department webpages to really get to know us.

We hope you can get a sense of what we as a Department are all about, from the comfort of your home, and hope to have you join us in September.

If you have any questions regarding your application then please contact the undergraduate admissions team.

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Top three reasons why you should study government at LSE

  1. You’ll explore the political forces that are fuelling rapid change in our world.
  2. You’ll chart constellations of political questions with economic, historical and philosophical issues.
  3. You’ll seek a critical understanding of justice, rights, and power.

You can learn more about us as a department and even more reasons why you should study with us on our website.

Hear from our students

To find out more about what it is like to be a student in the Department take a look at the videos below and browse the LSE Government blog, which covers politics, research and student life in the Department.

Two recommended blog posts are firstly our interview with student Yllka, who describes her role as a volunteering ambassador and explains why more people should get involved with volunteering alongside their studies in the Department. Secondly we recommend our interview with student Trishna, who tells you more about the department's research internship scheme.

LSE Government Society LSE Government Society
Meet the LSE GovSoc team
Welcome to LSE Government Welcome to LSE Government
Our faculty, students and staff explain what it's like to be part of LSE Government
Government students advice for future students Government students advice for future students
Some of our students give some advice to you if you are about to join the Department
Students who have graduated Students who have graduated
Our 2019 graduates talk about their highlights and what it feels like to graduate


Virtual Undergraduate Offer Holders' Day 2021

Watch the Department of Government offer holders' session from our Virtual Undergraduate Offer Holders' Day in April 2021:

Government offer holders' session - Virtual Undergraduate Offer Holders' Day 2021 Government offer holders' session - Virtual Undergraduate Offer Holders' Day 2021
Government offer holders' session - Virtual Undergraduate Offer Holders' Day 2021

Listen to talks and taster sessions from previous events

Here you will find various talks which we have recorded at past events which you can listen to at your leisure:

Find out more details about your programme

Click on the programme you have received an offer for to remind yourself about the detail of the course you have applied for including information on careers, programme structure, course choices and teaching at LSE.

As well as taking a look at your particular programme you might like to explore more about teaching and academia in the Department:

  • Read our blog post on making the most out of office hours. We ask Dr David Woodruff, student Sara Watkins and recent graduate Jack Winterton for their tips and advice.
  • Take a look at The LSE Undergraduate Political Review (UPR). This is an online platform that enables undergraduate students to engage in high level political research. 
  • Our students are involved with the research and topics of academics in the Department: Read a blog post on the topic 'Does protest work?' where we ask Professor John Chalcraft, PhD candidate Temi Ogunye and undergraduate student Haydon Etherington to reflect on protest and its ability to effect social and political change.
  • Watch our online lecture series of the course GV311 'British Government' for a taster of the type of topics you could expect to cover as a student with us. (Note this course is aimed at 3rd year students).

Our research and events

As a department we are always busy. You can explore our research and the events we put on below.

Explore our research

Take a look at our events

CV19: A film by the Department of Government CV19: A film by the Department of Government
CV19: A film by the Department of Government


The LSE Election Night Party December 2019

Watch our LSE Election Night Party video. LSE is one of the most exciting and informative places to experience any UK election night. This was certainly true on 12 December 2019, as the world's media joined a packed audience at the LSE to watch one of the UK's most pivotal elections unfold with analysis from leading political experts and thinkers. The LSE Government team was there, along with our colleagues from The LSE British Politics and Policy blog, The Democratic Audit, LSE Public Policy and the school's social media teams to cover reaction and debate throughout the night.

The Story of the Election Night 2019 at LSE The Story of the Election Night 2019 at LSE
Follow the story of the 2019 election night on the LSE Campus


Democracy and the Supreme Court: judges and the politicians with Lord Falconer

You can watch a recording of the session here.

How to Be A Liberal with Ian Dunt 

You can watch a recording of the session here.

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