Confirming your offer of admission

Providing official copies of your documents to confirm your offer.

Whether you have a conditional, or unconditional offer, you are likely to need to provide us with official copies of some of your documents before you are ready to come and register. Please see below for all the ways these can be provided.

In order to fulfil the requirements for entry to LSE, we must have official proof, in English, of your qualifications, test scores and references. Your online application status will show which (if any) documents are still outstanding.

The documents you provided as part of your application are not official, as you have supplied them yourself, instead of them coming directly from your previous institution

If your previous institution has a digital service to send documents to us please use that service. We recommend that official documents should be sent electronically wherever possible, i.e. emailed directly from your previous institution to, or from an official online service, such as HEAR, Digitary, GMAT or TOEFL. You can also send a secure, digitally signed, PDF.

If you are uploading a document yourself in the Graduate Applicant Portal (GAP), it will only be considered official if it can be verified, either by using an online verification service outlined in the above paragraph, or if we are able to view a secure digital signature from your previous institution.

We will no longer accept posted documents except in exceptional circumstances. If you are unable to send (or get your previous institution to send) electronic versions, please email us at to explain the situation. We will look individually at your case, and will approach your previous institution to verify that they have no means of providing verifiable electronic documents before we will accept hard copies.

Official proof of qualifications/degree certificates

In many instances, providing an official final transcript, directly from your previous institution, which includes your final grade, title, and date of award, will meet both the requirements on the GAP to provide a transcript and Official Proof.

You may submit the completed proof of degree form, signed and stamped by your institution, or a final transcript stating that your degree has been awarded with the final grade and date of award. Your transcript can be emailed to us by your institution to, or sent electronically, as mentioned above.


You will have submitted an unofficial transcript with your application and you will be required to submit an original or certified copy if made an offer. We recommend that official documents should be sent electronically, i.e. emailed directly from your previous institution to, or from an official online service, such as HEAR, Digitary, GMAT or TOEFL.

If your previous institution has sent your documents to us officially, or you have submitted them via HEAR, Digitary etc, you do not need to also upload them to the GAP. We will process them and update the GAP.

You may also be required to confirm that you have been awarded your degree with a particular grade or classification. Usually, this information is included on your transcript, or on a supplementary certificate or diploma. If your degree transcript does not confirm your final grade and date of award, you may ask your institution to complete the proof of degree form to supplement the transcipt.


You may be required to provide a GRE/GMAT score even if you have a UK qualification.

You should arrange to take the test as soon as possible if you have not already done so - visit GRE or GMAT to do so.

Test scores such as these should be supplied directly to us from the test provider. Submit the score to LSE with the institution code 0972 (GRE) or HMT-86-56 (GMAT)

If you have sent us official test results via ETS (GRE results), please also self report these using the portal. For GRE results, we require you to provide your name, date of birth and registration number.

Sending an English language test score

If you have sent us official test results via ETS (TOEFL results), please self report these using the Graduate Applicant Portal. For TOEFL results we require you to provide your name, appointment number and date of birth. 

If you have an IELTS TRF (test report form) number, you can submit it to us using the portal. We can then verify your IELTS score officially.

Alternatively you may submit a photocopy of your IELTS score certified by your local British Council with an original signature and stamp.


Your references should be submitted to us from your referee's institution email account or, in the case of a professional reference, from their official workplace email account.

If your referee submitted their reference from a webmail account, e.g. hotmail/gmail/yahoo, then we will request that they resubmit an official version, or find another way to verify it - such as seeking confirmation from your previous institution that your referee is/was part of their organisation.

Translated documents

These should bear the stamp and seal of an official translator and must be supplied with the original document, or on the headed paper of your institution.

Current LSE students and students following Summer School or Economics/Mathematics and Statistics for Management courses

Your results will be released to the Graduate Admissions Office within the same week that you receive them. If you do not meet the condition, then your file will be sent to the Department in order for them to make a final decision regarding your application.

Graduates of Chinese institutions

LSE has formed a partnership with CHESICC (China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center) to receive verified transcript and proof of qualification information from Chinese universities. If one or more of your qualifications is from a Chinese university, you may choose to submit your verified documents in this way. There is a fee for this service.

Please note that the CHESICC requirement acts as official proof of your documents, but your offer can be made unconditional before we receive it. Please see "What is the difference between a conditional and unconditional offer" in the Offer Pack.

If you choose to verify your documents in this way, then we need to receive:

  • Your transcript
  • Your qualification verification report

Please note, you cannot send your degree certificate via CHESICC. This is because CDGDC, the department that used to translate documents into English are no longer doing so. Instead, please provide a copy of the degree certificate (translated into English) provided to you by your own university


Delivering verified CHESICC reports to LSE through Digitary

Before applying for your reports, you must have your individual LSE application ID number. You will find the number on your offer email/letter. You will need your number when requesting your documents through the CHSI Website.

Applying for and delivering your CHESICC reports to LSE is a simple online process:


1. For Chinese applicants, please use “Name” + “Chinese ID Number” to register your CHSI Archive, and then check your information of student record (for those who have not completed their studies) or higher education qualification certificate (for those who have already graduated).

Register link:

CHSI Archive link:

2. Please use the same Chinese ID number as filled in your CHSI Archive when you apply for university transcript verification report and other reports via the application link: 


We require official verification of your university-level study. If you have already graduated, you should apply for your College Transcript, Degree Certificate and Qualification Verification Report. If you have not yet graduated, for example if you transferred to a different programme after completing one or two years' study, you should apply for your College Transcript and your Higher Education Student Record.

Please note: you should select "爱尔兰Digitary" when you select the Verification Purpose (认证目的).


To apply for your College Transcript:

  1. Apply for a Paper report through Online Application
  2. Once CHESICC has verified this report with your Chinese University, which may take up to three weeks, it will be converted to PDF for secure delivery to LSE via the CHSI Website.
  3. CHESICC will notify you by SMS when your reports are ready (usually after about 20 business days).

Please note that if you have not yet finished your qualification, once your final results are available, you will need to apply for a follow up report of your final transcript and proof of qualification to fulfil any offer conditions. An additional verification fee will be payable.

 To apply for your Higher Education Student Record:

  Log in to the CHSI Website, choose “Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate”, and click “Apply”;

  1. Select the English language version.

 To apply for your Qualification Verification Report:

 Option 1:

  1. Log in to the CHSI Website, choose “Online Verification Report”, and click “Apply”;
  2. Select the English language version.

 Option 2:

  1. Apply for a Paper report through Online Application;
  2. Once CHESICC has verified this report with your Chinese University, which may take up to three weeks, it will be converted to PDF for secure delivery to LSE via the CHSI Website;
  3. CHESICC will notify you by SMS when your report(s) are ready.


  • When your report(s) are ready, log in to CHSI Archive and click "International Cooperative Application"
  • Click "Send report"
  • Select "Foreign Universities", "England" and "LSE" from the drop-down list.
  • Click “Pay for the transmission fee” to enter your payment details, your payment confirmation will be presented shortly afterwards;
  • Enter the requested personal details including your LSE application ID
  • Select the report(s) that you wish to send to us (College Transcript, Degree Certificate and either Qualification Verification Report or Higher Education Student Record);
  • Confirm your information and selected reports, click on the “Deliver” button. Delivery is almost instant;
  • You will not be charged again for transmission of your documents to LSE if you have already paid and the follow up is within the year.


If you require assistance, please contact the CHESICC help desk at the following telephone numbers: 010-61139132, 62166727, 62169223

Can I use CHESICC?

  • If you are at the Chinese campus of a UK institution, and your whole degree will be awarded by the UK institution, you will not be able to use CHESICC verification.
  • If you have studied on a 2+2 or 3+1 programme with the latter part of study in the UK, you may be able to verify the Chinese part of your qualification via CHESICC if it is is not included on your final transcript issued by your UK institution.

If your offer has not been confirmed

If the selector has examined your degree results and your offer has not been confirmed, this decision is final - no appeal is possible. The academic demands of the course are stringent and competition is high – each year more offers are made than there are places available to allow for this situation.

If your offer has been non-confirmed on the basis of your language test score you may arrange to re-take the test.