Top Ten Topics of the Week

9 September 2022 - Top Queries

There are some questions that come up for many of our offer holders, depending on the point of the admissions cycle that we are in. Each week we will highlight some of the trending topics, and provide answers, to aid you in the admissions process, and ease your worries.

If your query hasn't been covered below, do check out our other resources linked from this page - most admissions queries apply to many people applying, so we will usually have covered them online.

Trending Topic #1

I’m not able to attend my allotted enrolment date and time. Can I arrive at the LSE after this? 

Information regarding arriving after Welcome week can be found here. Please note, you will need to receive permission from your Department to enrol after your allotted enrolment time/date.  

Trending Topic #2

My official degree transcripts/certificate won’t be issued by my institution until July onwards – how can I go about getting an unconditional offer in the meantime?

For the purposes of confirming an academic condition, in the first instance you may submit evidence that you have met the conditions of your offer. You may submit the information via our offer holder How Do I…? page:  Your documents need to state that your qualification has been awarded, the date of award and final grade. 

Please note, we will also require an original/certified copy of these documents prior to enrolment. These can be emailed to directly from your institution. 


Trending Topic #3

My results aren’t going to be confirmed by my institution until July/August. Am I still going to have time to get a CAS?

In general, if your results will not be available until after enrolment, then we may be able to accept proof that you have fulfilled all requirements of your previous degree in order to allow you to enrol onto the programme. This would be in the form of an official letter confirming the following information: 

  • All requirements for the qualification have been fulfilled
  • That your final degree will not fall below that which is stated in your offer condition
  • Confirmation of the date that the qualification will be awarded

This information can be emailed to directly from your institution.   

Alternatively, if your results are delayed due to disruption to final exams dates (due to Covid etc.) then you need to complete a condition waiver form providing the following information: 

  • Confirmation of your marks thus far
  • Official confirmation of delayed module/s
  • Confirmation of when you will graduate/have all final results

Please see the News and Events page of our website for further information. 

If your results will be confirmed prior to enrolment, then we shall do everything in our power to process your documents as soon as possible. Please do not worry – it is not uncommon for institutions to confirm results in July/August. Please ensure that your final results are emailed to us directly from your institution rather than posted to us.  


Trending Topic #4

Can I complete my Offer Reply Form while I am still being considered for LSE/external scholarships?

Yes -  please submit the form to show that you will be responsible for your own fees. If you later receive a scholarship which will cover all or part of your fees, all you need do is sent proof of the scholarship for billing purposes to our Fees Office and they will amend their records.


Trending Topic #5

Why is it taking so long for my H.D.I form (new choices form/condition waiver) to be processed? 

Details of our current processing times can be found here: 

At present, we are prioritising processing documents which fulfil the academic requirements of conditional offer holders. If you have submitted either a New Choices Form, or Condition Waiver form, please do bear with us – we shall process this shortly.


Trending Topic #6

When will you process my documents?

Details of our current processing times can be found here:

Please do not contact Graduate Admissions until the date you submitted your documents has passed on our website. I am afraid we are unable to confirm receipt of documents until they are processed. 

Please note, documents sent to us through the post or via courier service will take longer to process. 


Trending Topic #7

Who can translate my documents into English? 

Your transcripts can be translated by a certified translator, your local British Council or British Embassy, lawyers or your university. Translations must bear the name, position and signature of the translator. Your documents may be emailed to directly from the translator.


Trending Topic #8

What constitutes ‘official evidence’ of a qualification? These documents were included with my original application. 

Once an offer of admission is made, we need to verify those documents – including references – submitted with your original application. 

Official proof of qualifications can be in one of the following forms: 

  • A final transcript or degree certificate emailed directly from your previous institution. These must be sent directly from an official academic email address to Your documents need to state that your qualification has been awarded, the date of award and final grade.
  • A certified letter from the academic registrar, of other senior official of your previous university from which you were awarded your academic qualifications. Please note, this should confirm that your qualification has been awarded, the date of award and final grade.
  • Your institution may also complete our Proof of Degree form. Please note, this needs to be completed and emailed to us directly from your institution to

Trending Topic #9

When will I receive a final decision? My file has been with the Department for more than 8 weeks.

In most cases a final decision will be made by Departments within 6-8 weeks, however on occasion, and depending upon the point in the academic cycle, this may take slightly longer. We thank you for your patience during this anxious time. 


Trending Topic #10

When will I get a response to my email?

We work hard to ensure that all the information you need for the admissions process is available on our webpages and our Applicant Enquiries System. Most queries that we recieve via email are covered by information online, and are from people seeking reassurance that the information applies to them. 

We will respond to these emails, but they may take longer than usual, as our resources are focused on processing your decisions and documents. Some emails may not receive a response as if, for example, your query is "When will I get my decision?", and by the time we reach it to answer it we can see you have recieved your decision already.