Top Ten Topics of the Week

January 2024 - Top Queries

There are some questions that come up for many of our offer holders, depending on the point of the admissions cycle that we are in. Each week we will highlight some of the trending topics, and provide answers, to aid you in the admissions process, and ease your worries.

If your query hasn't been covered below, do check out our other resources linked from this page - most admissions queries apply to many people applying, so we will usually have covered them online.

Trending Topic #1


When/how can I apply for funding?

Application to the Graduate Support Scheme is made via the LSE Graduate Financial Support Application form. The form will launch on the Graduate Applicant Portal shortly - an announcement will be made once it is live.

Once you have applied for admission, you can access this form as soon as you receive the email confirming receipt of your application for this academic session and giving your individual ID number. Information about the GSS form and the form itself can be found on your Graduate Applicant Portal. The decision will be available to you if you are made an offer of admission. Submitted applications will be considered throughout May and June and the successful applicants will be contacted by early July.
If you have any questions or issues with completing the form, please get in touch with the Financial Support Office.

This scheme is open to all applicants, with the exception of those undertaking specific modular or executive programmes such as the MSc in Finance (part time), the MSc in Health Economics, Policy and Management and the MSc in International Strategy and Diplomacy. 


Trending Topic #2

I was taught in English, can I be exempted from a language test?

To be exempted from the English test requirement, English needs to be your first language, or you would need to have studied the entirety of your degree in a majority English-speaking country (more details can be found here). Applications can be considered without the English test, so you do not need to include test scores when you submit your application.


Trending Topic #3

Can I add new documents, or corrected documents after submitting my application?

It is not possible to send additional or updated documents to an existing application. We understand that new information will become available during the time it takes to consider an application, but the documents submitted with the original application should be sufficient and we will contact you if the selectors request any further information to make a decision.


Trending Topic #4

I am a Chevening Applicant, will I get my Unconditional offer in time?

We work with Chevening's Programme Officers to identify offer holders who need an unconditional offer by the Chevening deadline. We assign specific staff to answer queries, process documents, and deal with requests for these applicants, to ensure that the deadline is adhered to.


Trending Topic #5

The Graduate Applicant Portal (GAP) is showing my documents as "Received - not verified". Does this mean there is something wrong? 

Almost all documents will show as "received - not verified" for applications under consideration, as we only need unofficial copies to consider an application, and documents sent through the application form are considered unofficial. If you are made an offer we will send you instructions on how documents can be verified


Trending Topic #6

When will you process my documents? 

Details of our current processing times can be found here:

Please do not contact Graduate Admissions until the date you submitted your documents has passed on our website. I am afraid we are unable to confirm receipt of documents until they are processed. 

Please note, documents sent to us through the post or via courier service will take longer to process. 


Trending Topic #7

Who can translate my documents into English? 

Your transcripts can be translated by a certified translator, your local British Council or British Embassy, lawyers or your university. Translations must bear the name, position and signature of the translator. Your documents may be emailed to directly from the translator.


Trending Topic #8

I have an offer on my first choice, but I would like my second choice to be considered too. How can I request this?

You may request that your application be considered for a second choice after you have already been made an offer on your first choice. You need to ask for us to do this as we will not automatically send your application to your second choice if you receive an offer on your first choice. You will need to let Graduate Admissions know by submitting a query via the Knowledge base or speaking to Graduate Admissions on Livechat if there is an advisor available.
Upon receipt of your request, we will forward your application for consideration to the second choice. If you are unsuccessful in the second choice, you will retain the offer already made on the first choice.

If your second choice application is successful, you must decide which you wish to accept as it is not possible to hold more than one offer of a place.

Trending Topic #9

When will I receive a final decision? My file has been with the Department for more than 8 weeks.

In most cases a final decision will be made by Departments within 6-8 weeks, however on occasion, and depending upon the point in the academic cycle, this may take slightly longer. We thank you for your patience during this anxious time. 


Trending Topic #10


My official degree transcripts/certificate won’t be issued by my institution until July onwards – how can I go about getting an unconditional offer in the meantime?

For the purposes of confirming an academic condition, in the first instance you may submit evidence that you have met the conditions of your offer. You may submit the information via the Graduate Applicant portal.

Please note, we will also require an original/certified copy of these documents prior to enrolment. These can be emailed to directly from your institution.