Dr Mona Azadkia

Dr Mona Azadkia

Assistant Professor

Department of Statistics

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English, Persian
Key Expertise
Non-parametric Statistics, Causal inference, High-dimensional Statistics

About me

Mona's research focuses on developing new methodologies to understand and quantify the dependency structure in data. Finding interpretable measures of the degree of dependence between the variables is a fundamental task in Statistics. Such measures are the core ingredient of many areas, such as variable selection, dimensionality reduction, sensitivity analysis, and causal inference.

Mona is also working on a generalization of this problem, measuring conditional dependence and the hypothesis testing problem of conditional independence with applications in causal inference and graphical models. She is also interested in non-parametric statistics and problems in high-dimension. 

Before joining LSE, Mona earned her Ph.D. in Statistics at Stanford University in 2020 and was an FDS Postdoc Fellow at Seminar for Statistics at ETH Zürich.


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