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University life can be stressful. Personal matters can also significantly affect your studies.You may be concerned about your wellbeing. 

Alternatively, you may have a disability which is affecting your studies. Some students have only realised this when they have reached LSE.

At LSE there are various services available to support you during your time in the Department of Statistics, so you can always contact these for guidance. All sessions are non-judgemental and primarily centered around helping you. 

If you think that you may need support or someone to talk to, please do contact one of the services below. The LSE Services are extremely well-equipped and have supported many students over the years.

You are also welcome to reach out to your academic mentor, programme director, class teacher or a member of our professional services team. We will be happy to assist you and signpost you to the correct support.

The video below outlines the LSE Services and the support these can provide.  

LSE Wellbeing and Counselling Service 

Student Conselling Service Student Conselling Service
LSE Counselling Service


LSE Disability Service 

LSE Disability Service LSE Disability Service
LSE Disability Service