Our Mandate

We are a Research Centre within LSE IDEAS devoted to the study of South Asia in all its manifest and liminal complexity, a platform for interdisciplinary and perspectival engagements with the region. As the world emerges from the  Covid-19 pandemic, the Centre leads on the various developments -- economic, political, cultural, social -- alongside various other concerns, through 

  • harnessing & publicising the disciplinary & interdisciplinary expertise of LSE's faculty, Fellows, researchers and students for public engagement and impact
  • supporting our diverse and global student body in their activities relating to the region 
  • developing networks between LSE academics & individuals and external stakeholders (including governments and institutions) both within the United Kingdom and in the region for collaborative activities, knowledge exchange, and impact  
  • engaging our alumni in South Asia and across the world in our events, activities and initiatives 
  • working with LSE Library to publicise its archives relating to South Asia through curating exhibitions & events
  • being the hub of all South Asia-related events & activities at LSE, and lead the UK-South Asia Network  
  • generating conversations on issues of global importance confronting South Asia between experts, stakeholders and others
  • publishing high-quality and easily accessible academic posts on our flagship blog 'South Asia @ LSE', attracting almost half a million visitors every year  
  • seeking innovative solutions to the region’s economic, demographic, and development challenges by harnessing LSE’s expertise
  • developing research resources, new and alternative academic initiatives and research agenda, from issues of poverty and opportunity to digitalisation, the role of artificial intelligence and much else
  • curating events and creating opportunities for academic conversations in South Asia
  • bringing new international audiences interested in South Asia to LSE
  • engaging in capacity-building initiatives that speak to contemporary challenges in South Asia