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Sri Lanka

Special events and blogposts to celebrate 75 years of independence


The independence of Sri Lanka in February 1948 came, uniquely, through a peaceful transfer of power from the British Empire to the Sinhala people.  

Unlike other countries in the region, Sri Lanka is the only island nation -- nestled in the Indian Ocean -- where the transition from colonial Ceylon to an independent, democratic, socialist republic was achieved without armed struggle.

The LSE South Asia Centre is the only academic Centre in a Higher Education institution anywhere in the world to have marked this anniversary over a period of 12 months with a specially commissioned logo, events, special lectures, the launch of a one-of-its-kind 'Big Data' Digital Map and 12 special blogposts representing the latest research and ideas from different perspectives from academics and thought leaders.

The commemorative events were the perfect occasion to also showcase LSE's interdisciplinary academic expertise on Sri Lanka, involving LSE faculty and alumni.

[Interested readers can also read our Occasional/Working Papers available here.]


The 'Sri Lanka @ 75' logo is copyrighted by the LSE South Asia Centre, and may not be used by anyone for any purpose. It shows the national flower of Sri Lanka, Water Lily (Nymphaeaceae), framed in a graphic design set in colours from the national flag, and sacral architectural motifs. The logo has been designed by Oroon Das.