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Geopolitics beyond Borders


For the first time in its remembered history, multiple nations in South Asia are in direct geo-politico-strategic friction with one another, with a reality that seriously challenges the “balance” in the region. New power-brokers have entered the fray, becoming active vectors in calibrating earlier tensions — the increasing regional influence of China through its “Belt and Road Initiative”, the dynamics of South Asian investments in sub-Saharan Africa, the emergence of Iran and its role in South Asia, the long and slow establishment ofthe state of Afghanistan — alongside the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan, strengthening Blue Finance in the Indian Ocean, and the bellicosity of nuclear-powered nationalisms.

The LSE South Asia Centre, in collaboration with LSE IDEAS and The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), will host a series of virtual Roundtables to discuss the complexities at the heart of this scenario: the gradual but sure loss of India’s control of the geo-strategic narrative; the strengthening of relations between Nepal and China; Pakistan’s increasing intolerance of Afghanistan; the challenge of India’s “Act East” policy; and China’s sure and steady grip over the region, to name but a few.

Each Roundtable will invite experts of the new alongside the old, and produce a Working Policy Paper.


Kashmir: Frontier and Shroud

Date/Time: Wednesday, 6 May / 4 pm GMT / 8 pm PST / 8.30 pm IST

Further details will be available on 15 April 2021.



Different Stars, Different Stripes: The US in South Asia

Date/Time: Tuesday, 16 February /4 pm GMT/11 am ET/9.30 pm India

PanelistsHusain Haqqani (@husainhaqqani) is Director for South & Central Asia, Hudson Institute, New York, and an expert on US-Pakistan relations;  Daniel Markey (@MarkeyDaniel) is Senior Research Professor in International Relations, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University, and specialises in US-India relations; Rani D. Mullen (@RaniDMullen) is Associate Professor of Government, College of William & Mary, Virginia, USA, and her expertise is on US-Afghanistan policy relations. 

ModeratorRahul Roy-Chaudhury is Senior Fellow for South Asia, The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), London.

ChairNilanjan Sarkar is Deputy Director, LSE South Asia Centre. 

A recording of the event is available here



The Dragon’s Ring: China in South Asia

Date/Time: Tuesday, 13 October/3-4:30pm

Speakers: Filippo Boni (@FilippoBoni1) is Lecturer in Politics & International Studies, Open University, UK, and is a specialist in the politics of Chinese investments in South Asia; Li Li is Deputy Director-General & Senior Fellow, Insitute for International Relations, Tsinghua University, Beijing; Rahul Roy-Chaudhury is Senior Fellow for South Asia at The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), London; Nilanthi Samaranayake (@nilanthis) is Director, Strategy & Policy Analysis Program, Center for Naval Analyses (CNA), Virginia, USA, and is an expert on China's maritime presence in South Asia.

Moderator: Chris Alden is Professor, International Relations, LSE, and Co-Director, LSE IDEAS.

Chair: Nilanjan Sarkar is Deputy Director, LSE South Asia Centre.

A recording of this event is available here.