Session 8

Saturday: 16.00-17.20


Work, ethnicity & migration: Room 1. Sheikh Zayed Theatre

  • The economic effects of mandatory civic integration for citizenship.
    Presenter: Floris Peters
  • The Effects of Intergenerational Social Mobility on Subjective Social Status. A Comparison between Immigrant and Native Families.
    Mathieu Ichou
  • Ethnic and Racial Inequalities in Career Progression during Early 20th Century Industrial Change.
    Presenter: Dirk Witteveen
  • Within-Job Pay Inequality and Labor Market Sorting by Immigrant Generation in Europe and America.
    Presenter: Are Hermansen

Social Policy, Welfare Support and Families: Room 2. Wolfson Theatre

  • Work-Conditional Income Support Programs and Gender at Birth: Quasi-Experimental Evidence      
    Presenter: Chiara Orsini
  • Stratification, Progressivity, and Redistribution in the U.S. Tax and Transfer System
    Presenter: Sarah Bruch
  • Single-Parent Poverty and Targeting or Universalism in Fiscal Policy.  Presenter: Manuel Schechtl
  • How do institutional contexts affect the educational outcomes of youth from single-mother families? A comparative study of European countries
    Presenter: Kristina Lindemann

Neighbourhood, Housing & Ethnicity/Migration: Room 3. Alumni Theatre

  • Two Sides of the Same Market: Ethnic and Gender Discrimination of Guests and Hosts in Online Rentals.
    Presenter: Sander Wagner
  • Refugees’ re-settlement patterns after immigration. Is there a mobility trap? Presenter: Jonas Wiedner
  • Environmental quality, local infrastructures, and residential choice: A survey experiment on ethnic differences in neighborhood preferences.       
    Presenter: Christian König
  • Neighbourhood Attainment of Immigrant Minorities in England: Escaping Poverty but not Air Pollution?
    Tobias Rüttenauer

Assortative Mating: Room 4. Thai Theatre

  • Decomposing Trends in Educational Assortative Mating – The Case of Ireland. Presenter: Julia Leesch
  • Educational assortative mating patterns in highly educated contexts: the role of the field of education     
    Presenter: Pau Baizan
  • Social closure in Hungary: the intersection of educational immobility and assortative mating in three cohorts (1941-1994)
    Dávid Erát
  • Is The Rising Spousal Earnings Correlation Due To Change In Marital Sorting?   Presenter: Yifan Shen
  • Linked Lives: An Extended Dyadic Perspective on Income Trajectories in Chin  Presenter:  Cheng Cheng

Education Systems: Room 5. NAB 1.07

  • Social inequalities in study trajectories in the United States and Germany. Presenter: Christina Haas
  • Who gets permission to bypass? Second chance alternatives for higher education as an institutionalized "compensatory advantage" mechanism. Presenter: Carmel Blank
  • Cyclic educational transitions and social inequality: Re-applications after institutional rejections.
    Laura Heiskala
  • Mapping the distinct logics of educational and social stratification in European Countries
    Fiona Gogescu

Work and Employment Quality: Room 6. NAB 1.15

  • Starting flexible always flexible? The effect of employment flexibility for young workers in the Netherlands
    Laura Eberlein
  • Doubly Disadvantaged: Unemployment Scars, Young Age, and Electoral Participation in the UK              
    Presenter: Leo Azzollini
  • Low wage-jobs – a stepping stone, a dead end or something in between? Identifying a spectrum of trajectories of low wage-workers in Sweden     Presenter: Karin Kristensson
  • The meaning of useful work         
    Presenter: Peter van der Meer

Children and Adolescent Development: Room 7. NAB 2.14

  • Maternal Occupation-Specific Skills and Children’s Cognitive Development. Presenter: Katherin Barg
  • Parental education and children’s cognitive development: A prospective approach.
    Presenter:  Markus Klein
  • When does inequality emerge in early years of life? Gaps in cognitive skills by family background among South Korean children aged 0 to 10.  
    Presenter:  Youngshin Lim
  • Is more screen time bad for adolescent wellbeing?
    Presenter: Grace Chang
  • The Role of Parental Support in the Formation of Personality within Families Presenter: Lea Kröger