Session 1

Thursday: 9.20- 10.40


Covid 19 and Education: Room 1. Sheik Zayed Theatre

  • An increase in the taste for education of vocational school graduates amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Is there a social inequality dimension? 
    Presenter: Katarzyna Kopycka
  • Learning Loss during the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
    Presenter: Bastian Betthäuser
  • Inequality in home-schooling during the Covid crisis. 
    Presenter: Thijs Bol
  • Educational Inequalities before and after the COVID-19 Pandemic in South Korea: Achievement Gaps by Family Background, Gender, and Region.  Presenter: Seongsoo Choi

Mobility and Methods (I): Room 2. Wolfson Theatre

  • Cumulative Advantage, Intergenerational Reproduction, and Life Course Mobility: A Synthetic Approach      
    Presenter: Thomas DiPrete
  • Is the ‘unidiff’ model still a proper statistical instrument for mobility trends? An analysis of educational mobility in 20 European countries between 2000 and 2018. 
    Presenter: Tomas Katrnak
  • Multidimensional Intergenerational Mobility. 
    Presenter: Jason Fletcher
  • Cumulative or intersectional (dis)advantages in school performance? evidence from French data, based on the maihda approach.
    Presenter: Philippe Coulangeon

Migration and Occupational Mismatch: Room 3. Alumni Theatre

  • Ethnic and gender inequality in the school-to-work transition? Vertical and horizontal educational-occupational mismatches among children and grandchildren of immigrants in France. 
    Presenter: Rosa Weber
  • Language used at home and educational-occupational mismatch of migrants by gender.
    Presenter: Eyal Bar-Haim
  • Contextual effects on educational-occupational mismatch by gender and migration status: A cross-country comparative study in Europe.
    Presenter: Debora Birgier
  • What You Got Ain’t What You Get - The Role of Institutional Differences in Job Allocation between Sending Countries and Germany for Refugees' Status Downgrades. 
    Presenter: Dorian Tsolak

Household Division of Labour and Money. Room 4. Thai Theatre

  • Dual-Earner Couples’ Work Hour Arrangements and Preferences for Reduced Work Hours - A Comparative Perspective.
    Presenter: Waismel-Manor
  • The Rise of Cohabitation and Changes to Gendered Work Specialization  Presenter: Federica Querin
  • The Unequal Distribution of Cognitive Household Labor and the Mental Load Presenter: Andreas Haupt
  •  Wealth and Money in Couple Households: How do gendered wealth inequalities influence couples’ money management in East and West Germany? Presenter Agnieszka Althaber

Mobility and Culture. Room 5. NAB. 1.07

  • Cultural reproduction or cultural mobility? The role of family, school, and gender for cultural attendance in Germany.   
    Presenter: Tim Sawert
  • Envision Opportunity: How Teens Assess Opportunities and How Messages Involve
    Presenter: Ruo-Fan Liu
  • Misrecognition Recognized? Cultural Participation, Status, and Inequality. Presenter: Mads Jæger
  • Social Class, Class Mobility and Status Seeking. 
    Presenter: Simon Bienstman

Temporary Employment and Wages. Room 6. NAB 1.15

  • What do unions do to temporary workers’ wages? Evidence from Spain, before and during the 2008 financial crisis.         
    Presenter: Iván Canzio
  • The effect of temporary employment on wages: A comparative study of eight countries
    Presenter: Jonathan Latner
  • Bridge for some, trap for others? Career phase variation in the long-term wage growth of temporary workers  
    Presenter: Leonie Westhoff
  • Financial hardship while working: A comparison of non-standard and standard workers across Europe    
    Presenter: Mark Visser

Covid19 and Health. Room 7. NAB 2.14

  • State-level diversity, community social capital, and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: does race matter?
    Presenter: Harris Kim
  • Ethnic differences in the mental health effects of COVID-19: household and local context
    Presenter: Alita Nandi
  • Covid-19: the role of neighbourhood deprivation in difficult times on individuals’ health-related behaviours      
    Presenter: Franco Bonomi Bezzo
  • Mental Health’ Effect of COVID-19 Confinement and Economic Support Measures among Older Populations in Europe and Israel: Variations by Age and Socioeconomic Status
    Presenter: Dina Maskileyson