Session 7

Saturday: 11.20-13.00 (5 Paper Session)


Covid19, School Closure and Mental Health: Room 1. Sheikh Zayed Theatre

  • Gender inequality and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on psychological well-being
    Presenter: James Raymo
  • What Shaped Resilience and Vulnerability to the Harmful Effects of the Pandemic on Mental Health? A Study of Caregivers of School Aged Children in Ireland.
    Presenter: James Laurence
  • Who feels stressed when school is closed? German and Dutch parents’ stress levels before and during the Covid-19 pandemic.           
    Presenter: Matteo Piolatto
  • Back to school –back to work? School and day care opening and parents’ employment in the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.  
    Marita Jacob
  • Crossed life trajectories meeting at the point of uncertainty: Inner-city dwellers facing Covid-19 income shock in Santiago, Chile.
    Presenter: Isabel Brain

Geography of Inequality: Urban/Rural: Room 2. Wolfson Theatre

  • The geography of educational inequalities in Finland.        
    Presenter:      Lotta Lintunen
  • Rich Cities, Poor Countryside? Social Structure of the Poor and Poverty Risks in Urban and Rural Parts of Switzerland
    Presenter: Oliver Hümbelin
  • Do strong and weak regions agree on which regions deserve support? A survey experiment on public attitudes towards reducing regional inequalities
    Jan Gniza
  • Urban exodus in Covid times: Who moves out of the city-centre and where do they go?   
    Presenter: Juta Kawalerowicz
  • Economic development and intergenerational mobility in rural India: a whole village under observation (1958-2015)
    Presenter: Floriane Bolazzi

Gender and Higher Education: Room 3. Alumni Theatre

  • Policy evaluation of gender affirmative action in engineering schools. Presenter: Valentina Contreras
  • Sorting into and within Majors: How Big and Small Choices Affect Classmate Gender Composition.
    Presenter: XunFei Li
  • Are grammar school pupils over-represented at prestigious UK universities? Presenter: Queralt Capsada-Munsech
  • Exam Retaking as a Source of Gender Stratification: The Case of Female Underrepresentation in Selective Colleges in Japan. 
    Presenter: Fumiya Uchikoshi
  • Differences in formal adult education participation due to gendered influence of family life.
    Presenter: Patricia McMullin

Family Formation and Dissolution: Room 4. Thai Theatre

  • When does employment instability delay women's childbirth? The moderating role of family policies in 27 European Countries           
    Presenter: Chen-Hao Hsu
  • Cohort Change in the Family Complexity of Adults and Children in the United Kingdom
    Presenter: Carla Rowold
  • Does the provision of public childcare reduce motherhood penalties in job-related training? Longitudinal evidence from Germany     
    Presenter: Gundula Zoch
  • Heterogeneous effect of spousal bereavement on mortality       
    Presenter: Guanghui Pan
  •  Repartnering and Gender: Does Sexuality Matter?
    Presenter: Ariane Ophir

Academic Achievement and Structural Determinants: Room 5. NAB 1.07

  • Can the “New Secondary Education” reform improve students’ achievement and attainment in Brazil? A multilevel difference-in-differences analysis
    Presenter: Éder Terrin
  • Better Teachers, Smarter Kids? Estimating Teacher Effects on Students' Educational Outcomes.
    Presenter: Said Hassan
  • The link between local poverty and academic achievement: Evidence from Bangladesh
    Presenter: Mobarak Hossain
  • Serving their communities? The under-admission of young children with disabilities and ‘special educational needs’ to ‘faith’ schools in England Presenter: Tammy Campbell
  • Can style and content of childhood essays predict later academic success? Presenter: Maximilian Weber

Attitudes and Norms, Gender and Labour Markets: Room 6 NAB 1.15

  • Gender attitudes and the cosmopolitan-communitarian divide in Europe Presenter: Ines Schäfer
  • How to explain the rise of populism? Lack of social recognition as a driving force for perceived deprivation and cultural threats.
    Presenter: Axel Babst
  • Male Workers’ Preference for Reduced Work Hours: The Role of the Ideal Worker Norm within Changing Occupational Working Time Arrangements. Presenter: Jan Müller
  • The Impact of Gender Diversity and Gender Wage Inequality on Corporate and Employee Level Outcomes in the Netherlands.
    Presenter: Joey Tang
  • Gender-specific Attractiveness Premiums and Penalties in the German Labor Market.  
    Presenter: Emily Hellriegel

Social Stratification and Labour Markets: Room 7. NAB 2.14

  • Social and Genetic Stratification: The Case of Occupational Status
    Presenter: Tobias Wolfram
  • Social stratification of men and women in Sweden 1880-2016
    Presenter:  Elien Dongen
  • Later and less? New evidence on occupational maturity for Swedish women and men.
    Presenter: Roujman Shahbazian
  • Organizational practices and earnings inequality: Who gains from organizational flexibility?
    Alina Rozenfeld Kiner
  • Subjective social class has a bad name, but predicts life chances well. Presenter: Nathalie Vigna