Session 6

Friday: 16.00-17.40 (5 Paper Session)


Ethnicity/ Migration and Education II: Room 1. Sheikh Zayed Theatre

  • Learning Investments and Habitual Differences in Processes of Educational Upward Mobility   
    Presenter: Markus Kohlmeier
  • Do Neighborhood and School Contexts Render Disadvantaged Children More Vulnerable to Educational Disruptions? The Case of COVID-19 in Chicago. Presenter: Jared Schachner
  • Do teacher assessments and track recommendations discriminate against Roma minority students? – A randomized experiment among Hungarian primary school teachers.
    Presenter: Tamás Keller
  • Are mixed-ability classes bad for school performance and educational choice? Socioeconomic and ethnic inequality in English and Swedish schools. Presenter: Jan Jonsson
  • Gender Disparities in STEM Scholastic Achievements by Ethnic Origin: Evidence from Germany.     
    Presenter: Tamara Gutfleisch

Social Capital/ Social Interactions & Ethnicity Migration: Room 2. Wolfson Theatre

  • Social diversity and social cohesion in the UK      
    Presenter: Tak Wing Chan
  • Ethnic networks, ethnic boundaries and immigrants’ use of social capital to circumvent labor market discrimination       
    Presenter: Benjamin Schulz
  • The consolidation of socioeconomic status and race and its implication for cross-race and cross-SES friendship 
    Presenter:  Benjamin Rosche
  • Ethnic diversity fosters the social integration of refugee students 
    Presenter: Zsófia Boda
  • The Wellbeing of Immigrants in England and Wales: Mechanisms in the Relationship between Local and Regional Attitudes towards Immigrants and Their Wellbeing.
    Presenter: Michaela Šedovič

Employment Consequences of Covid19: Room 3. Alumni Theatre

  • The Heterogeneity of Precarious Work and Market Conditions: Insights from the COVID-19 Disruption in Israel.
    Presenter:  Sigal Alon
  • The effects of individual and collective labor market status on employees’ fortunes in times of crisis
    Yinon Cohen
  • Economic Outcomes in the South African (pre-post-) Covid Economy Presenter: Matthew McKeever
  • Growing disparities in household joblessness in US metropolitan areas during the COVID19 pandemic.  
    Thomas Biegert
  • Wage differences between essential occupations and other occupations before and during the Covid-19 Pandemic (2006-2021)
    Christoph Janietz

Gender, Mobility and Wages: Room 4. Thai Theatre

  • Gender differences in Czech occupational mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Presenter: Michael Smith
  • Globalization and Gender-based Labor Market Inequality.  
    Yoav Roll
  • Gender differences in job mobility and pay progression in the UK
    Silvia Avram
  • How Fairness Perceptions of Men’s and Women’s Wages Vary by Firm and Workplace Characteristics.
    Presenter: Susanne Strauss
  • Explaining the changing sexual orientation wage gap: a panel decomposition approach.
    Zoltan Lippenyi

Economic Inequality and Subjective Wellbeing: Cross–National Perspectives: Room 5. NAB 1.07

  • Intrahousehold income inequality and the gender income gap after union dissolution: a comparative study of European countries          
    Presenter: Daria Popova
  • Inequality and Income Classes in The Euro Area-12 in the Wake of the Great Recession: The Role of the State         
    Presenter: Olga Salido
  • Income, Financial Satisfaction and Inequality among Americans, Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic  
    Presenter:  Gregory Eirich
  • Money and Happiness in Cross-National Perspective       
    Presenter: Alair MacLean
  • Household non-mortgage debt and depression in older adults in 22 countries – what is the role of social norms, institutions and macroeconomic conditions?        
    Presenter: Aapo Hiilamo

Old Age, Pensions and Care Giving: Room 6. NAB 1.15

  • Becoming a grandparent and changes in labor market participation.  
    Therese Christensen
  • Family size and gendered loneliness in the widowhood process
    Nicol Kapelle
  • Inheritance is something you need to earn: norms on intergenerational transfers and the role of inheritance     
    Presenter: Davide Gritti
  • The inequality of lifetime pension 
    Presenter: Jiaxin Shi
  • Inequalities in young adult caregivers in Germany and the UK. 
    Presenter:  Christian Deindl 

Parents and Parenting: Room 7. NAB 2.14

  • Decomposing the relationship between parenting styles, parental school involvement and school grades     
    Presenter: Bastian Mönkediek
  • Learning By Parenting: Does Parental Education Affect Parenting Adaptability?  Presenter: Alicia Garcia Sierra
  • How mothers matter: investigating gender differences in how parents influence the social destiny of their children
    Cyril Jayet
  • Mechanisms of educational inequalities in secondary education: Parental practices and their impact on educational success
     Elif Sari
  • The gender gap in reading performance: Explanations of reading socialization in the family and school.     
    Presenter: Margriet van Hek 
  • Educational Differences in Parents’ Time Use in Heterogeneous Child Care from 2004 to 2019 
    Presenter: Sujung Lee